Monday, January 7, 2008

Changing the Layout!

Beck, you are the man! Thank you for helping me change the layout. This one is SO much better than the first.

Hopefully, we can get adding photos down.


Jane said...

GORGEOUS BLOG! I hope you figure out the pictures soon so we can see Kade! Great to hear from you, take care.

Jennifer Napierski said...

I loved hearing from you! Get some pictures up so I can see your cute little family. Hope you had a great Christmas. We're off to Japan tomorrow so check my blog so you can see our crazy adventures with the Japanese! Oh boy...I'm really in for it!

Sandy said...

Good to see you blogging. I can help you add pictures if you need it. Drop me an email!!

grinNberrett said...

How in the world did you find my blog? I was missing Kade the other day. I really love that ball of fire. Post some pictures of that Krazy Kade Kallas!

love to you both.