Friday, February 29, 2008

Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse

For a year now I have told myself that I was not going to read books about High School Vampires. Then Andrea brought the first book over and told me that I had to read them. I told Matt that I felt obligated to because I knew she would ask about it later...Andrea, THANK YOU! I am a junky for Edward now.

Matt was relieved Tuesday when I announced that I had finished the three books. You see I started them last Thursday. I downed each book in two days. Everything around me was abandoned. I laughed and loved book #1, cried my eyes out in book #2, and had a panic attack in book #3.

Jenni worned me not to go to Stephanie Meyers sight until I finished with the books because it would ruin Edward for me. THANK YOU JENNI, you were 100% right. For those of you who haven't read the books and want to... look away now.

Here is who they have casted (YES, the little boy from Harry Potter, Cedric):

Here is the original cast of Edward, Henry Cavill (so much better than Cedric from Harry Potter, how can we veto?):

Friday Fav

friday's fav is (drum roll please)...

Neutrogena MoistureShine Gloss. I love the Sweet Nothing, it is CLEAR! Most glosses have a tacky texture to them and Neutrogen has mastered a fabulous one that does not get tacky. It stays smooth and moisturizing. I have found it at Target and Wal-Mart.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Water Horse

Nicholas and Sadie slept over Friday night so on Saturday morning we thought it would be fun to go to the movie. We invited Grandma, Grandpa, Halle and Karlee to come with. What an adorable movie. They loved it, the popcorn, the soda, the candy.

Show and Teach

Friday Kade had the opportunity for his first ever Oral Report. He did an amazing job talking about the beginning of food through the end: plant the seeds of corn for humans and animals, recycle compost, feed chickens, get eggs, use eggs in foods. He had pictures of himself, his pet chicken and his Grandpa Kallas; plus beautiful colorful eggs from Rock Star. Then we passed out cupcakes! He did an amazing job. I was so proud of him.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Colett tagged me, so here goes...

My Hubby
1. What is his name? Matt R. Kallas
2. How long have you been married? 14 years March 25th
3. How long did you date? 3 years
4. Who eats more sweets? Me, Me, Me (have you seen me)
5. Who said I love you first? Don't remember, probably me.
6. Who is taller? Matt
7. Who can sing better? In public, neither. In the car, both of us.
8. Who is smarter? We are probably equal. He is more book smart, hence getting ready to go into the Pharmacy program. He is so much better than me in science and math (good thing I am a buyer LOL).
9. Who does the laundry? Both, however, I have to do all of the folding. He protests say, 'I don't know how too'. I always let him know that I am more than happy to teach him. He always graciously declines the lesson.
10. Who pays the bills? Matt
11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do, it is closer to the window. I have this thing about fires and break ins. Plus, Matt is closest to the door, the bad guys can get him first. HA HA HA
12. Who cooks dinner? Me, but he will disagree. ME ME ME
13. Who drives? When we are together, he does. He has this funny thing about guys sitting in the passenger seat while a lady drives. He thinks it makes them look like wusses.
14. Who is more stubborn? Hands down... me!
15. Who kissed who first? Again, probably me.
16. Who asked who out first? He did. Dinner on our work break.
17. Who proposed? He did.
18. Who wears the pants? He does until it is time to get busy.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The 5 Things We Did for Presidents Day

1) Slept In
2) Played Guitar Hero
3) Had Uncle Jerid bury Nick and Kade at the school so that his dog, Bear (training for Mountian Search and Rescue) could find them
4) Tried to go to the movie, everything was sold out
5) Went to Fat Catz for dinner and bowling with the Barneys and McLeods

Back Row: Valleri, Carson, Matt, Me, Jen
Front Row: Kade, Kade Lewis, Elise, Sadie, Jerid
Not Pictured: Nicholas
Not There: Shawn (cleaning the basement), Macie (napping)

Relief Society Birthday

After a year of serving in the Stake Primary I am now serving on our wards Enrichment committee. My mom and I have always joked that this is the calling they give the less active, guess my Bishop knows something I don't. LOL As my first assignment I was asked to make 115 invitations to the Relief Society Birthday Dinner.
After working three days on vintage paper cones I threw those all away and decided on these much simplier invites...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Matt from the Crew!

Matt turned the BIG 36 on Saturday, the sad thing was he had to work! So Friday I took the day off and we spent the day together. It was great! Saturday night we had family over for cake, ice-cream, a pinata and guitar hero.

Kade and I gave him an ipod, we are slowly but surely joining the tech world. Matt's brother laughed at us for being so far behind the times. Now we just have to figure out how to download music to it.

Happy birthday baby, we love you.

Monster Jams vs. Girls Night In

Friday night the boys went to Monster Jams and stayed in the Nu Skin suite. They came home high on fumes and deaf. As for the girls we decided to do a Girls Night In; dinner, manicures, chocolate fondue and a 'chick flick'. It was a blast! I recommend it to all.

Debbie, Taylor, Jennifer, Elise, Sadie, Toni, Caitlynn & McKinnley

Poor little Sadie had a difficult time soaking her hands so I had to lift her.

Taylor and Caitlynn trying to pick a color to paint their nails.

Elise and McKinnley enjoying the chocolate.

Debbie painting Taylor's nails.

Jen and Elise being silly!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


As the room-parent for Kade's class I decided instead of doing rotations (which works great but, we always do them) we would make Heart Pillows. I found darling fabric and the kids loved them.

Kade's teacher was very impressed that we were able to get all 21 made in just an hour. There were some kids that found it difficult to tie, and others that found it difficult to keep the two fabrics together. All in all, we managed with 3 moms and 1 teacher. I know I am a brat but, it was gratifying to hear older students and parents after school ohing and ahing over the pillows!

Once we finished the pillows one of the other moms had a few games for the kids. Kade and his buddies had fun messing around.

Kade, Brandon, Sterling, Kieffer

It was certainly a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY at our home. I made 5 dozen sugar cookies and had Kade deliver them for me (of course I drove him around, after all we just received 12" of snow). Matt received the most romantic gift ever... GUITAR HERO WII. LOL, we have been trying to get it since the day after Thanksgiving and I finally found it at Toys-R-Us. For others like us, they just received a shipment in and they are on sale. Matt and Kade gave me a gold chain with a locket. It is beautiful, I promised both of them that I would wear it tomorrow. However, Matt didn't get off work until 7 so he met Kade and me for dinner in Spanish Fork (not much to choose from down here), so Pizza Factory it was. I love my boys! We hope all of our family and friends had a lovely day.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Matt and I are coming upon our 14th wedding anniversary next month and it is my turn to plan what we are doing. I want it to be fun, romantic and a little weekend get away. However, I don't want to spend too much because obviously next year is our 15th and I am going to try and pull off a cruise. With that being said, does anyone have any ideas??? Don't worry Matt NEVER, and I mean NEVER looks at our blog.


Friday night Matt and I went to Riverdance with my parents up at Kingsbury Hall. It was fabulous. This was my third time going. It is trully amazing what this group of talented young people can do. The first time I went it was better but, oh, I definitely had more fun Friday! Now for the good stuff...(you know me, I love to 'people watch' and take in EVERYTHING)
1) While waiting for everyone to be seated there was a large gentleman directly behind me going on and on about the price of the DVD, CD, program, blah, blah, blah. Matt leaned over and said, 'this guy is going to talk through the whole thing'. Well, he didn't but his wife was asking me about how she could get her husband back to their car since he had a motorized wheelchair. I wanted to say, 'Lady do I look like I work here? I suggest you get to your car the same way you got here.' However, I was cordial and told her that I wasn't sure.
2) An older couple sat next to me, she was telling me about how her daughters bought the tickets for them for her birthday and she was 'thrilled'
3) Two ladies came in taking the seats directly infront of #2. These ladies were horribly stinky! They had the strongest smell of stale cigarette smoke. Ladie #2 and I were horrified. Ladie #2 sprayed perfume on her program and held it to her nose the whole evening and I pulled my turtleneck sweater up to my nose the whole evening. My parents laughed their heads off. Lady #2's husband told her that she was not nice. I told her that Matt said I looked like a robber. Lady #2 told me that if they hauled me out to make sure I took her with me. I kept telling my dad that I would trade seats with him. He graciously declined. Well, the lights went down, the music started and wouldn't you know it... THE STINKY LADIES WERE LESBIANS. That really got my dad and Matt rolling with laughter. Of course, during inter-mission they had to go out for a cig. It was wonderful.
4) During inter-mission we were all talking about our 20's vs. 30's. I said that I have enjoyed my 30's more due to knowing more about who I am and not worrying about what others think. Matt disagreed, he liked his 20's better. When my parents asked him why he said and I quote, 'Do you really want to know? It is because I wasn't lossing my hair.' I started laughing because the man directly in front of Matt was bald, no hair, not a one, BALD. He turned around, looked at Matt and said, 'Don't fight it, just shave the rest off.' It was hilarious.
We had a great evening!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ever changing

It is with a sad heart that we will no longer hear the wise counsel from Pres. Hinkley or hear the humor in his tone and jokes. He was a wonderful man! We are thankful for his family for sharing their: father and grandfather with the world. We will forever be blessed.

However, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to watch and listen to the words of our new Presidency. They are all inspired, articulate men who are genuine and loving. What a blessed people we are to live in this time.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

UFC Fights

The Barney's had a Pay Per View UFC party lastnight. I had never seen a UFC fight before and oh my goodness. AAAGH, it is something that I cannot imagine a guy would want to do, but they do. It is not anything I would chose to watch but, once I started I had a difficult time looking away/living the theater room. I really got into the guys that I wanted to win. There was a fighter from SLC, UT. He unfortunately did not win his match. Thanks Barney's, it was good fun and great seeing everyone!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008


After a year of Kade talking about wanting to learn how to play the guitar we finally put him in lessons! He is picking it up quickly. His instructor asked why he wanted to learn and his reply was, 'my friends and I are going to start a band. One of them has a drum set, but he doesn't know how to play them. The other has a guitar and his dad is teaching him. We had a vote and I am the lead singer and guitar player, so I really need to learn. But don't worry because as the leader I won't let them get tatoos and piercings, if they do they are out.' Kade's instructor (trying not to laugh) then asked, 'what type of music do you want to eventually play?'. Kade is definitely Matt's boy, 'Rock-n-Roll'. It is fun taking him and hearing the improvement week after week. It is just the pits arguing with him to practice every day for 20 minutes. At his next lesson, I will get pictures and add them.