Monday, February 18, 2008

The 5 Things We Did for Presidents Day

1) Slept In
2) Played Guitar Hero
3) Had Uncle Jerid bury Nick and Kade at the school so that his dog, Bear (training for Mountian Search and Rescue) could find them
4) Tried to go to the movie, everything was sold out
5) Went to Fat Catz for dinner and bowling with the Barneys and McLeods

Back Row: Valleri, Carson, Matt, Me, Jen
Front Row: Kade, Kade Lewis, Elise, Sadie, Jerid
Not Pictured: Nicholas
Not There: Shawn (cleaning the basement), Macie (napping)


Danielle Christiansen said...

looks like you guys have done a ton of fun things. cute pics!!!