Friday, February 1, 2008


After a year of Kade talking about wanting to learn how to play the guitar we finally put him in lessons! He is picking it up quickly. His instructor asked why he wanted to learn and his reply was, 'my friends and I are going to start a band. One of them has a drum set, but he doesn't know how to play them. The other has a guitar and his dad is teaching him. We had a vote and I am the lead singer and guitar player, so I really need to learn. But don't worry because as the leader I won't let them get tatoos and piercings, if they do they are out.' Kade's instructor (trying not to laugh) then asked, 'what type of music do you want to eventually play?'. Kade is definitely Matt's boy, 'Rock-n-Roll'. It is fun taking him and hearing the improvement week after week. It is just the pits arguing with him to practice every day for 20 minutes. At his next lesson, I will get pictures and add them.


Lucrecia said...

Holy cow! I just noticed that you found my blog. How are you? It's been so long. Your family looks so great! I would love to hear how the guitar lessons go. I'm thinking about signing up my oldest but I'm not sure if he's ready. So good to chat with you!

grinNberrett said...

Tyler is taking Drum lessons. If the drummer doesn't pan out, then give Tyler a holler.

andrea said...

Reese got an electric guitar for christmas. he wants to take lessons. Where does kade take at? Im not sure where or who to take him to