Sunday, February 17, 2008

Monster Jams vs. Girls Night In

Friday night the boys went to Monster Jams and stayed in the Nu Skin suite. They came home high on fumes and deaf. As for the girls we decided to do a Girls Night In; dinner, manicures, chocolate fondue and a 'chick flick'. It was a blast! I recommend it to all.

Debbie, Taylor, Jennifer, Elise, Sadie, Toni, Caitlynn & McKinnley

Poor little Sadie had a difficult time soaking her hands so I had to lift her.

Taylor and Caitlynn trying to pick a color to paint their nails.

Elise and McKinnley enjoying the chocolate.

Debbie painting Taylor's nails.

Jen and Elise being silly!


Kami said...

Hey, did you win those monster jam tickets in the Nuskin suite? See, I knew you could finally win! :)

Jesicca said...

Of course I didn't win the tickets. Matt and the guys had me buy them.