Monday, February 11, 2008


Friday night Matt and I went to Riverdance with my parents up at Kingsbury Hall. It was fabulous. This was my third time going. It is trully amazing what this group of talented young people can do. The first time I went it was better but, oh, I definitely had more fun Friday! Now for the good stuff...(you know me, I love to 'people watch' and take in EVERYTHING)
1) While waiting for everyone to be seated there was a large gentleman directly behind me going on and on about the price of the DVD, CD, program, blah, blah, blah. Matt leaned over and said, 'this guy is going to talk through the whole thing'. Well, he didn't but his wife was asking me about how she could get her husband back to their car since he had a motorized wheelchair. I wanted to say, 'Lady do I look like I work here? I suggest you get to your car the same way you got here.' However, I was cordial and told her that I wasn't sure.
2) An older couple sat next to me, she was telling me about how her daughters bought the tickets for them for her birthday and she was 'thrilled'
3) Two ladies came in taking the seats directly infront of #2. These ladies were horribly stinky! They had the strongest smell of stale cigarette smoke. Ladie #2 and I were horrified. Ladie #2 sprayed perfume on her program and held it to her nose the whole evening and I pulled my turtleneck sweater up to my nose the whole evening. My parents laughed their heads off. Lady #2's husband told her that she was not nice. I told her that Matt said I looked like a robber. Lady #2 told me that if they hauled me out to make sure I took her with me. I kept telling my dad that I would trade seats with him. He graciously declined. Well, the lights went down, the music started and wouldn't you know it... THE STINKY LADIES WERE LESBIANS. That really got my dad and Matt rolling with laughter. Of course, during inter-mission they had to go out for a cig. It was wonderful.
4) During inter-mission we were all talking about our 20's vs. 30's. I said that I have enjoyed my 30's more due to knowing more about who I am and not worrying about what others think. Matt disagreed, he liked his 20's better. When my parents asked him why he said and I quote, 'Do you really want to know? It is because I wasn't lossing my hair.' I started laughing because the man directly in front of Matt was bald, no hair, not a one, BALD. He turned around, looked at Matt and said, 'Don't fight it, just shave the rest off.' It was hilarious.
We had a great evening!