Friday, February 29, 2008

Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse

For a year now I have told myself that I was not going to read books about High School Vampires. Then Andrea brought the first book over and told me that I had to read them. I told Matt that I felt obligated to because I knew she would ask about it later...Andrea, THANK YOU! I am a junky for Edward now.

Matt was relieved Tuesday when I announced that I had finished the three books. You see I started them last Thursday. I downed each book in two days. Everything around me was abandoned. I laughed and loved book #1, cried my eyes out in book #2, and had a panic attack in book #3.

Jenni worned me not to go to Stephanie Meyers sight until I finished with the books because it would ruin Edward for me. THANK YOU JENNI, you were 100% right. For those of you who haven't read the books and want to... look away now.

Here is who they have casted (YES, the little boy from Harry Potter, Cedric):

Here is the original cast of Edward, Henry Cavill (so much better than Cedric from Harry Potter, how can we veto?):


Kami said...

I'm still reading # 2. How did you read all 3 books in a week? I guess I should sacrifice my tivo shows and just finish the books. I love these books too. Edward sounds gorgeous!!

Lucrecia said...

Okay Jessica,
I am totally with you! I am completely unhappy about the Twilight cast. I'll definately see the movie but my expectations are low. It's too bad huh? The book was so outstanding.

Danielle Christiansen said...

I have read all books twice through now. I even have an I love Edward Cullen t-shirt. I will be wearing it to opening day of the movie. My absolute obsession. Love them!

Sandy said...

I love Edward. LOVE Edward. Did I say I love Edward???

Sara said...

Aaaah! I haven't been to her sight lately, (I read the books last spring/summer) and am so disappointed! You are right... the original pick was so much for fitting! I was all for him! I wonder why they changed and how they settled (for surely they've settled!) on Cedric?