Thursday, February 14, 2008


As the room-parent for Kade's class I decided instead of doing rotations (which works great but, we always do them) we would make Heart Pillows. I found darling fabric and the kids loved them.

Kade's teacher was very impressed that we were able to get all 21 made in just an hour. There were some kids that found it difficult to tie, and others that found it difficult to keep the two fabrics together. All in all, we managed with 3 moms and 1 teacher. I know I am a brat but, it was gratifying to hear older students and parents after school ohing and ahing over the pillows!

Once we finished the pillows one of the other moms had a few games for the kids. Kade and his buddies had fun messing around.

Kade, Brandon, Sterling, Kieffer

It was certainly a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY at our home. I made 5 dozen sugar cookies and had Kade deliver them for me (of course I drove him around, after all we just received 12" of snow). Matt received the most romantic gift ever... GUITAR HERO WII. LOL, we have been trying to get it since the day after Thanksgiving and I finally found it at Toys-R-Us. For others like us, they just received a shipment in and they are on sale. Matt and Kade gave me a gold chain with a locket. It is beautiful, I promised both of them that I would wear it tomorrow. However, Matt didn't get off work until 7 so he met Kade and me for dinner in Spanish Fork (not much to choose from down here), so Pizza Factory it was. I love my boys! We hope all of our family and friends had a lovely day.


Lucrecia said...

Hey Jessica,
Guitar Hero would be a pretty romantic gesture if I gave it to my husband too ;) It's funny how guys buy xbox "for the kids" but not really. We're currently obsessed with Rock Band and scene-it. And I'm not at all surprised that Kade and his classmates loved making those pillows. What a fun activity.