Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

I have been so behind! We had a great Easter weekend (despite the flu). Saturday my parents had their annual Easter Egg hunt for family and friends. We had about half the group we normally have and it was at their home because it was so chilly. The kids didn't mind.
Everyone made fun of Kade for wearing this shirt, telling him he was dressed for the wrong Holiday. He would simply laugh and say, 'then why are you wearing that scary mask?'. All the guys thought that was hilarious.Bubba was a riot! He was more interested in collecting a treat eating it and then moving on to the next.If his mom and dad weren't helping him, he would have been out there for hours collecting his Easter stuff.
Macie was a riot, she had chocolate all over. I tried getting a photo of it but, Val beat me. She had her face all cleaned up when I finally got a semi glance from Macie. Valleri had been in Montana with her mom and had just returned home a couple of hours before the hunt. Macie would only go to Shawn.Grandma and Grandpa had a mean game of baseball for the kids to play after the hunt. They hit a bunny instead of a ball. It was hilarious.
Maryn, Hannah, and Eli were all waiting for a turn at batting.
Carson Jack was our best first baseman.Nick, Spencer and Sadie were all trying to cover 2nd. Sadie had the 'ball' and wasn't exactly sure what to do with it.After baseball and lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon visiting and playing DODGE-BALL, one of our favorite Sunday activities at Grandma and Grandpa's. Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun, food and memories.