Thursday, March 6, 2008

Guitar Lessons

(Kade loves this quitar)
O.K. I know I said I would post pictures but, I still haven't taken any. I am SO prOUd of Kade! His teacher keeps bragging that Kade is his best sight reader and his youngest student. Kade is so fun to watch. Practicing isn't quite the strUgglE it was in the beginning.

Two weeks ago we were on our way to a birthday party and this was our conversation...

kAdE: Mom, the guys and I have decided what to do with all of our money we make from concerts.
mE: Oh really, what is that?
kAdE: We are going to pay ourselves $50 each, because that is a lot of money (mE thinking, HA HA HA). With the rest, we are going to donate it to people that don't have all the stuff we do.
mE: (between a tearful sob)You are going to be an awesome band leader!

Yes, I am a very lucky mama with a son that loves life, is courageous, thinks of others feelings before his own, and is all mine!!!
(And, he wants this guitar)


Danielle Christiansen said...

oh my gosh! too Cute that kid of your is. My girls are still waiting for guitar lessons. they both have one but I dont have the time or money. Way to go Kade!

andrea said...

There is nothing better then when you realize your kids have compassion for others. That is so sweet.

Lucrecia said...

After telling such a story you just have to buy him that guitar! Keep in mind, however, that I have no idea how much it costs :)

Sarah Ward said...

Your Cade has the cutest personality! And you are such great mom. I love hearing your stories and seeing all the fun things you are up to!

Fowler family said...

Oh that is tender!

How old is Kade? And he has a band? He's totally going to be a superstar when he grows up. And COOL guitars!

Sandy said...

Incredibly sweet!! Just goes to show that you are a great mama to a very sweet kid!!!