Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2nd Grade Spring Program

The 2nd graders put on their end of the year program. For weeks before the program Kade wandered the house singing all of the songs that they have been practicing. He sounded great too. All of the kids had a part in the program. Kade's was; 'soft rocks can be used for chalk'. It was so simple he was bored with it the first day!

I have been looking forward to leaving work early and getting a good seat to watch, take pictures, cry, and clap.

He performed his part without a hitch. He spoke clearly and loud enough for everyone to hear (without yelling). I was a proud mama.

As for the rest of the program, he was in rare form. He was on the front row (visible for all to see) and started playing with a thread on the knee of his jeans. I kept mouthing for him to leave it alone. NOOOO, he kept playing with it. By the end of the program the whole knee was ripped from seam to seam. I was mortified.

For the singing, he didn't! I couldn't believe him! He knows all of the words, he sang them for weeks. After the program I asked him why he wasn't singing and he told me that he was bored, he knew the songs.

Now for the BEST part... Kade thought that after the program the parents were to check out the students (which we could and I did) the rest of the year. HA HA HA He was so mad when Matt and I explained to him that he still had until the end of May.


Kami said...

haha, that's funny!