Monday, April 21, 2008

Bon Losee Academy

Matt and Kade were hiking/repelling Robbers Roost Wednesday - Saturday (I will blog this later today or tomorrow). I took Friday off so that I could spend the day with Elise, Sadie and my mom. It was so fun. Friday morning I helped my dad do yard work for two of his elderly neighbors and then off for the day with the girls.
First stop, hair!
Elise was the first to go to the back for a wash. She loved the shampoo, it smelled like CHOCOLATE!
When we took Sadie back to get her hair washed, she went limp. She LOVED it! She told me, 'JJ, this feels so good I could go to sleep'.
They put Elise in a corner booth, and I joked that, 'no one puts baby in the corner'. Of course none of the young girls knew what I was talking about. I guess I am dating myself to the days of Dirty Dancing.
Sadie loved the whole experience, she was content to sit in the chair for an hour getting her hair styled. She was a hit with all of the stylist and customers. Everyone loved her LONG hair, sweet blue eyes and huge smile.
The girls were a little self conscious having their picture taken just right outside the salon.
Elise was darling playing around with Sadie.
I told Sadie to stand like she was playing. HA HA HA I am no Sara Staker/Sarah Ward/Sandy Landon (no competition ladies).
Don't you love them! I can't get enough time with them. They make me laugh all the time.
When we were leaving Sadie said, 'JJ, I feel bad for you that you don't have any more kids. When Matt and Kade leave you are alone and we aren't. Do you want more babies?' I melt when she and Elise are with me. Jerid and Jen, thanks for letting Matt and I love your kids.


Sandy said...

They look beautiful!!! And I have to say you are the best Aunt ever. Darling photos Jess.

Natalie said...

They look adorable. You are the best aunt! They are such sweet girls too.

Sara said...

Oh, what a fun Girl's Day! They will grow up LOVING these days with their cool Auntie Jess... what fun memories you are making!

And GREAT pics... who are you kidding? It's all about enjoying and capturing the moment as it is happening to YOU! :)

Jennifer Napierski said...

You are so incredible. You make the most of everything in your life and touch everyone around you. I wish I got to have you around me more. I could use your infectious personality. You're the best.

Familia Peña said...

Hi Jesicca,

What a small world, Nikki used to be our neighbor and now she is my oldest son's piano teacher.

It is great to hear from you, I love this blogging thing. Hope all is well, look forward to reading more.

Darci and Diego