Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Conference and Crepes

Saturday we were in and out so conference was a hit and miss at our home. I went to lunch with some girlfriends, Matt was out with his brothers and a sister taking care of their fathers estate, and Kade was at a birthday party.
We did catch Elder Wirthlins talk Saturday morning while getting shoes and jackets on. It was a great talk. In it he talked about a group of boys that were his childhood friends bullying another boy. Elder Wirthlin found the courage to tell the boys to stop. He was afraid he would lose them as friends but soon found that that was not the case. When he concluded Kade said, 'Mom, I love conference. Old people tell the best stories'. Yes this is sweet but, come Sunday when we were home it was like pulling teeth trying to get Kade to sit still and listen.For breakfast we made crepes. We had the whole spread. Kade loves crepes and piles anything and everything sweet on them. It was hilarious he was putting: Nutella, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, cool whip, chocolate syrup and smarties on his. Just watching him eat them made not only my stomach ache but my teeth as well. He is so FUN!


Danielle Christiansen said...

yummy! breakfast. I'm coming over to your house. my girls would do only the sweet stuff and nothing that any nutritional value.
Conference was really good this year. The girls sat through the whole thing because they had conference packets with activities to do. it made it really nice.

Sara said...

Mmmm MmmmMmmm! Looks good! I'll hope for an invite next conference!

Britney said...

I'll have to try that combo next time we have crepes!

Natalie said...

Those crepes look yummy. I agree with Kade, old people do tell the best stories. What a cute thing for him to say.