Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kicking off Spring Break with the Blue and White Scrimage

Saturday was a perfect day for a boy of any age, young and old. Kade and I stopped at Big 5 Sports and bought a leather football, next we ran to Wal-Mart and bought a black Sharp-E. Then it was back on the road and off to BYU were we met some of our friends for a birthday party at the Blue & White Scrimage.

At noon they had a KIDS CAMP where all of the kids were allowed on the field to participate in relays with the Football players. Kade was so excited.
Kade and Carson excited to rush the field
Val and I sent the kids on the field with Shawn and Mark while we ran to picked up lunch for everyone. When we returned we found everyone but my little guy. After searching thousands of kids, and me in a panic, I headed for the first STAFF/Neon Shirt I could find. Right as I was about to explain that I had lost my son who was wearing BLUE (just like the other million kids!), Val yelled that she found him. Kade couldn't find anyone once they all rushed the field, he looked around trying to find anyone he knew and resolved to find our seats and wait until someone returned. Good thinking Kade and way to go Val!

So, back to the field we went. It was so fun. Kade was able to do some relays with the players. He ran a play that I know nothing about. If I were an announcer I would have called the play like this; 'Kade Kallas #07 has the ball, he is running up the side line, the 40, 30, 20, he spins past the defense at the 10, will he make it, touch down!' Kade running a play against Dan Van Sweden.

After the Kids Camp we sat on the 50 yard line 2nd and 3rd rows for lunch and the scrimage. We teased the kids asking who they wanted to win.

After the scrimage everyone was once again invited on the field for autographs and photos. I was so impressed by the generosity, kindness and professionalism of these young men. They were all so gracious. Everyone one of them asked Kade what his name is, if he had a good time, and thanked him for coming out and supporting them. Three players gave him the stickers off of their helmets. It was wonderful and made Kade's day. He was fortunate to receive a GOLD sticker, Shawn explained to Kade that the BLUE Stickers are for great things done on the team and GOLD are for great things done in the community, grades and plays.

Kade and Andrew Rich
Coach Mendenhall signing a football
Kade with Coach Mendenhall
Coach Mendenhall signing Kade's shirt
Kade with Dennis Pitta
Kade with Jason Munns
Kade with Kaneakua Friel
Ryan, Kade and Mitchell
Kade with Manaaki Yaitai
Kade with Matt Ah You Kade with Matt Marshall Kade with Rick Wolfley Kade with Steven Fendry Tana Uyema teaching the kids the Haka
Kade doing another Haka pose
Kade with Tom Sorenson The kids just returning after getting autographs and pictures


joshua said...

I gotta say that this is one of the very best blogs I've ever visited yet.

Congrats! Take these words like a blossom blessing as I'm bloging around.


Sara said...

WOW! Kade's dream come true! What a fun time to brush shoulders with the team and get to meet & greet them! He was probably so star-struck! :)

Danielle Christiansen said...

Looks like a great day for Kade.! Fun! Fun!

Elise said...

JJ you need to teach me how to put pictures on my blog because I think it is so boring and dumb you need to teach me quick!!!

Britney said...

How fun! I can't wait until my boys are old enough to enjoy those things!

Lucrecia said...

Wow! What a cool thing for a little boy! My boys would go nuts for that. Oh, and I like your new friend Joshua...what's a blossom blessing?:)

Natalie said...

How fun, any boys dream. Those are great pictures.

Elise said...

You havent added to much of any thing for a long time. Have fun at the garage sales. :)

Elise said...

I like Elise's comments about your blog-totally relevant-or not! This is JEN and I think those photos are awesome-what kid gets that opportunity. I think Kade will be a BYU fan for life now. Very cool!

Monica Kauwe said...

Hi! This is Monica. It has been a long time. It is fun to see your family. I will have to get in touch with you next time I am in Utah. Fun pictures!