Sunday, April 27, 2008


Matt's brother Marc just turned the BIG 40!
We love him dearly. He is a wonderful; man, brother, uncle, and son. He took on the world in December by seeing to his fathers needs and dieing wishes. We are humbled to know him. He is not only Matt's brother but his best friend. We love having him over for dinner, he makes us laugh so hard I end up crying.
When we think of Marc we think: selfless, motorist, 3 wheelers, camping, hunting, gentle, joker (SNOW TIME), brother, compassionate, loving, strong.
Papa, Marc, Klint, Matt, Karlene
Karinne, Marc, Klint, Karlene, Matt, DeAnn, Dan
Papa, Kade, Marc
Marc, Kade, Klint at Outback Steak House


Danielle Christiansen said...

what a great tribute for his Bday.

Natalie said...

What great pictures.

andrea said...

Jessica, i love your blog. You inspire me...Hugs, Andrea