Monday, April 7, 2008

Stadium of Fire and cussing

Friday as the whole world knows Staduim of Fire tickets went on sale at 5PM. Kade and I were at my parents home so I logged on and was placed in a 'waiting room', like the rest of the world. No big deal.
I wait for a half hour and at 5 sharp I was moved to ticket sales. I purchased 8, entered all of my credit card information, hit the process key, then I was taken to a screen that said please hold while we give you your confirmation number. I was THRILLED! We were going...
Then the screen went blank, and a little box popped up saying, 'your time has expired. If you would like to purchase tickets press HERE.' Are you *@$%*&! me? I went through the whole process again with the exact same outcome. This time I really cursed out loud. My dad was not thrilled. Saying something to Kade about his mommy swearing. I couldn't help it. I was stunned to say the least, once, O.K. the system jammed, but twice, AAAAGH.
I tried hoping for the, third time is a charm. Well, it worked I was able to purchase 4!!! YEAH, we are going to see the show.
It is something that I really wanted to be apart of this year because the courageous author of Left To Tell is receiving and award that night. Matt wants to see the Blue Man Group (I saw them in SLC). And Kade wants to see Miley Cyrus. I am thrilled!
If you know of anyone selling tickets (not for an outrageous amount) I have two brothers that tried getting them for their families and had NO luck. We would need 8.


Danielle Christiansen said...

I know your pain. I got booted off so many times.I should be getting my tickets for being a dancer parent. I called this morning and they said it will take a week to process all those orders. Hey at least you get to go.Otherwise you will pay $330-1000 per ticket on ebay etc.

Sara said...

Ewwwww... I hate tecno problems! NOTHING more frustrating! Glad you got tickets at all, though, I expected you to say that they were sold out by the end of the 3rd attempt... phew! :)

Sandy said...

Same thing happened to us but we did not get tickets. Kinda frustrated. I was excited to take my kids for the first time this year, regardless of who was performing. Oh well. Maybe next year. Glad you got some tickets!!!

Jennifer Napierski said...

Good for you. I took Savi to the concert before we moved but maybe Ry will get tickets for us. I am sooooo ready to be back for the summer. Living abroad is getting old. Let's for sure do lunch.

Rebecca said...

i was just finishing up my post about our week in utah, and thought about cking to see other posts on the stadium of fire - found yours!
we drove in from Texas for my daughter to see it! ugh, the agony of getting kicked off twice!! hooray for actually getting some :D hope you had as great a time as we did!