Monday, May 19, 2008

Rain-gutter Ragata

(once you look at these pictures you will see that I am in desperate need of a new camera, Matt thinks it is fine)
Once the carnival was out of the way Kade, Matt & I worked on his boat for the ragata. I must tell you all that the ragata is so much easier than the derby as there is only sanding required. None of the weights and wheels, etc. Kade sanded, painted and glued the boat together. We were running late on time and so I took Kade & Eli to the local scrapbook store and had them pick out a sticker for the sail (unfortunately the selection was sparse). Kade went with a football and Eli went with a basketball. They didn't care and they had a blast.

I haven't figured out this 'look'. He was so excited to race.
On your mark, get set, blow!!!

Kade & Jake
Kade & Eli head to head...
Kade in the lead...
buddies no matter the outcome (Kade won by a hair).
Kade & Hayden...
Hayden with the lead...
Doesn't matter who won (Hayden) they still shock hands!
Hey Kade, wake up! They are giving you your award.

Staff Appreciation

We have the BEST faculty in the county hands down! I would dare go toe to toe against you mothers that think otherwise. Our Principal is the most dedicated man to the students in his care. He is always thinking outside of the box, looking for ways to encourage knowledge, and loving unconditionally. The kids adore him. He loves giving back to the community and helping to instill in our children the sense of ownership for serving!

“Care for a Community” Project
During the month of May students are helping children in Dennehotso, Arizona. Children from this low income area must attend a boarding school for most of the school year. They generally do not have personal supplies that they can take with them. Students are collecting toothbrushes, toothpaste, small toys, blankets, combs and brushes, and socks to send to Dennehotso. As an added incentive, the Principal has agreed to spend the entire day on the roof of the school on Tuesday, May 27th, if each grade level provides at least 200 of their assigned items. We hope you will enjoy your stay on the roof!

Along with his caring side, he and the staff are hilarious!!! A “Brigade of Tin Men” invaded the Principal's office, he was surprised to find the room was encased in tin foil! He has yet to identify the members of the brigade. Anyone with any information is asked to contact him, ASAP!

The future's so bright, you gotta wear shades

Kade's teacher, WOW, that pretty much sums her up. She is: a mentor, leader, encourager, friend, the list can go on & on. She is the key to unlocking the future for these little ones. She has the best lesson plans! Kade has been a meteorologist, given several verbal reports, has had the opporutnity to sport a lab coat and goggles to share his knowledge of gravity with the class, and has taught himself to write his name in cursive... all because of her encouragement.

We love our school! For last weeks staff appreciation the theme was something about our staff being stars (like HOLLYWOOD). Each room parent was asked to make a scrapbook page for their teacher and have the students sign the matte frame. Here is what I came up with:

Once the kids signed it, they were putting 5x7 photos of the teacher with her students in it. They were then presented at an assembly. I had nothing to do with s.a. but heard it turned out great!


After months and long hours of planning, e-mailing, driving all over the county & then getting sucked into making cotton candy for almost 6 hours (because some volunteers didn't show up), we had a very successful cArnIval!!! We were thrilled to announce that we made $3,000 for next years PTA! Hip Hip Hooray

We had so many wonderful volunteers this year with: advertising, ticket sales, overseeing booths, bake sale and auction. Poor Kirsten volunteered to oversee the bake sale along with making 1,200 cotton candy bags the night before. Danielle & I were running all over town getting baskets for the silent auction when Kirsten called panicking & searching for help. Have no fear, we drove as fast as we could to the school and found her covered in sugar and hardly any progress being made. The wind was blowing the sugar floss all over the place. I made the executive decision that we were moving right next to the building to help shield us. Who ever invented cotton candy is a loser, that's right a #1 full on loser. Have you made cotton candy? It ends up everywhere: hair, eye lashes, clothes, walls, ceiling, windows, cars, side walks, EVERYWHERE! What a stupid novelty. We ended up not making all 1,200. we were pretty close though. After trail and error we finally had a system down and it worked. The kids were a HUGE help!
McKay, Me and Kirsten. Notice the cotton candy all over us, I hate the stuff.
8 is enough! Michelle & her daughter were amazing. They set this darling fish pond up twice outside due to the wind until Mr. S finally gave in and told us to move the carnival inside because a storm was brewing. Thanks Michelle!
Jessica & Whitney setting up for sno-cone sales.
We had so many wonderful businesses donate to our silent auction! Along with each classroom given a theme and making baskets to auction. Everything was sold!
Lauren, Kirsten, Stacey & Cindy setting up for the bake sale just to turn around and do it all again because of the weather. Thank you ladies!
One of the rentals was a HUGE 40' Chaos Obstacle that the kids loved. Kade would do the course and get back in line... over & over & over.
Kade & Brandon were connected at the hip the whole evening. When I caught up with them they were out of breath from racing through the obstacle.
After the long night Danielle & I were beat. She is leaving me for Manhattan, if I can't find someone like her to co-chair with for the next two years then I will take a break until her return. I will miss you my friend!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to all the MOMS out there!

My mom is: my best friend, my mentor, my saving grace, my hero!

It has always been so important to my mom that we, as a family, stay close. When we were younger she hated when we argued (Monopoly was banned from our home, not kidding). Dinner was every night at 6pm and we crammed into our tiny kitchen to eat as a family. I don't ever remember not eating dinner as a family. My parents rarely did anything without including us. Now that I am older and we share stories she often tells us it is because it was important to her and our dad that we do what we could together because they knew we would grow up and move on. We would camp, hunt and fish as a family. This was a love/hate relationship for me as my brothers can attest to.

She was a stickler for rules: after school we had chores, homework then we could play. Mom was never afraid to discipline and she was good at it! I would test the limits whenever I found it nesseccary (in my eyes), which was often. Mom and I are similar in that we both had to have the last word, I am sure you can imagine how fabulous this was. It always resulted in me being grounded 'for a week' for 'my mouth'. My poor mom, she indured!

My mom is an amazing woman who taught me: the selfless act of unconditional love for others, how to cherish my brothers, the importance of eternal families, how to keep a clean and orderly home, the importance of serving others withour complaint, and how to care for my little family!

I will love you forever mom! Thank you!

One of the best days of my life was finding out that Matt & I were expecting. I loved every minute of being pregnant: the puking, no energy, dry heaving when I was around raw meat, my maternity swimsuit, and most of all the movement! I truly loved it all. It took us years, tests, medications and more tests until we finally became pregnant. One day when leaving the Dr's office and tears in my eyes I thanked the Dr. for getting me pregnant. He & Matt got a kick out that. Being 'high risk' I was fortunate to have an ultrasound with every appointment. I felt like the luckiest mommy in the world. My Dr. was incredible and had tons of patients but, never made me fill rushed. He had a drawl that was hilarious and a beard that was crAzY. Leaving from my 1st appointment Matt & I laughed so hard I was crying because he looked like Grizzly Adams, I am not kidding. We are saddened that he is no longer practicing medicine because he was incredible.

The day we had Kade was amazing. My little boy had complications but, with faith and the power of the priesthood we were able to take him home and raise him. I felt so inadequate to be a mother. But, we dived in head first and have not looked back. I am thankful for the love and power for motherhood. Kade is my pride and joy and am amazed that Heavenly Father has trusted me to be a mom!

B.Y.U. Cougars

B.Y.U. vs. Washington, unfortunately B.Y.U. lost. It was a close game until the top of the 9th. Matt & I were stunned that Coach Law went through 6 (YES, 6) pitchers. WHATEVER!
Cosmo and Kade! Cosmo could use a major 'make-over', his nose is all scratched up (most have been a huge fight with a Ute), his fur is all matted (must be rolling around the lawns of cougar stadium), but... all in all he is still a crowd pleaser!
If you know Kade then you know that we can't go anywhere without the main staple, POPCORN!
This is Matt and Kade's idea of F.H.E. It wasn't crowded, hot dogs for dinner and great weather! The view of 'Y' mountain was breath-taking! I was so mesmerized by the thick, bright, lush greenery.
Holly, Kade & Kyle We were so excited to see that Bryce is on the team as catcher! And thrilled when we looked to our right and there was his precious family, our 2nd family. We spend the rest of the evening with them; reminiscing, laughing, sharing popcorn & seeds, and huddling under blankets because once the sun went down it was FREEZING! Grandma & Kade
Kade, Matt & Aaron
Mom & Kade
Shar & Kade

Shari, Kade & Holly

Last the best of all the game... Bryce warming up to bat. He is the one swinging. Hey batter, batter, batter... SWING! And here he is getting ready to step into the batters box and knock the ball crAzY. We had such a great time!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Monday I had this great idea that we should celebrate Cinco de Mayo! We had so much fun! Everyone brought yummy food that was "American/Spanish Authentic" (you figure it out). The evening was packed with delicious food, fun games, great people, amazing host (HA HA HA), and the cutest kids ever!
Not So Close Allie
Easton feeling his way along the edge for the paper.
Elise was so dizzy that she was way off! Poor Spencer, he is not a donkey! Dodge her Spenc! Cold, Cold, Colder, Freezing! Nice try Kade! Tay Tay... so close, yet so far away!
Kelton sure gave it a good effort! Nicholas was so funny, the first time he wandered the yard laughing his head off. I finally took the blind fold off and we let some of the other kids try. On Nicholas' 2nd try look how close he came. Close but, no cigar! Silly Sadie tails aren't near the front legs, they are near the back legs.
Poor tiny Rylin, she didn't have a chance. She was too short.
And the winner is... Easton! The kids had so much fun on the tramp. I had them stop for a minute to take pictures. They were good sports. Look at those beautiful faces: Austin, Kelton (on knees), Taylor, Easton, Elise, Sadie & Allie
They were crAzY little monkeys!
For one of our games I wrote all of the kids names on a flour tortilla and they threw them like a frisbee. The one closest one to the star on the tramp was the winner: Nicholas, Spencer, Taylor, Kelton, Easton, Sadie, Rylin, Austin, Elise, Kade. On your mark...get set...goAnd the winner is Allie!
Rylin & Karson
Outlaw Sadie with Officer Jerid (she doesn't look to worried)
Cliffy, Rosa & Baby Payzlie
Jerid bending in to kiss Cliffy on the check!
Rosa (holding baby Payzlie) & Abbie
The back of Rylin's head, Rebecca, Dwayne and Easton. YUMMY food! Natalie & sweet little Karson

Dinner was so yummy! After which Taylor (Rosa Jr.) wore the hat that held the chips and wandered the party asking everyone if they would like some 'cheeps'. It was hilarious. When Taylor grew tired of being a gracious hostess, Sadie put the hat on and instead of serving the party she would be seen simply raising an arm, fishing out a chip and eating. It was hilarious! Outlaw Garcia Kade

When the kids were finished smashing the pinata to pieces confetti came out all over! The little girls loved it. Matt was so generous... Allie wanted to take all of the confetti home, you're welcome Abbie!