Monday, May 12, 2008

B.Y.U. Cougars

B.Y.U. vs. Washington, unfortunately B.Y.U. lost. It was a close game until the top of the 9th. Matt & I were stunned that Coach Law went through 6 (YES, 6) pitchers. WHATEVER!
Cosmo and Kade! Cosmo could use a major 'make-over', his nose is all scratched up (most have been a huge fight with a Ute), his fur is all matted (must be rolling around the lawns of cougar stadium), but... all in all he is still a crowd pleaser!
If you know Kade then you know that we can't go anywhere without the main staple, POPCORN!
This is Matt and Kade's idea of F.H.E. It wasn't crowded, hot dogs for dinner and great weather! The view of 'Y' mountain was breath-taking! I was so mesmerized by the thick, bright, lush greenery.
Holly, Kade & Kyle We were so excited to see that Bryce is on the team as catcher! And thrilled when we looked to our right and there was his precious family, our 2nd family. We spend the rest of the evening with them; reminiscing, laughing, sharing popcorn & seeds, and huddling under blankets because once the sun went down it was FREEZING! Grandma & Kade
Kade, Matt & Aaron
Mom & Kade
Shar & Kade

Shari, Kade & Holly

Last the best of all the game... Bryce warming up to bat. He is the one swinging. Hey batter, batter, batter... SWING! And here he is getting ready to step into the batters box and knock the ball crAzY. We had such a great time!


Danielle Christiansen said...

Oh my gosh! What a fun FHE. We never do anything that excitinf for FHE. We need to though.

Todd and Juliana said...

That looks like so much fun! I wish i had gone to more baseball games. Your little Kade (not so little anymore!) is so cute! And getting so big! you have a cute family!