Monday, May 19, 2008


After months and long hours of planning, e-mailing, driving all over the county & then getting sucked into making cotton candy for almost 6 hours (because some volunteers didn't show up), we had a very successful cArnIval!!! We were thrilled to announce that we made $3,000 for next years PTA! Hip Hip Hooray

We had so many wonderful volunteers this year with: advertising, ticket sales, overseeing booths, bake sale and auction. Poor Kirsten volunteered to oversee the bake sale along with making 1,200 cotton candy bags the night before. Danielle & I were running all over town getting baskets for the silent auction when Kirsten called panicking & searching for help. Have no fear, we drove as fast as we could to the school and found her covered in sugar and hardly any progress being made. The wind was blowing the sugar floss all over the place. I made the executive decision that we were moving right next to the building to help shield us. Who ever invented cotton candy is a loser, that's right a #1 full on loser. Have you made cotton candy? It ends up everywhere: hair, eye lashes, clothes, walls, ceiling, windows, cars, side walks, EVERYWHERE! What a stupid novelty. We ended up not making all 1,200. we were pretty close though. After trail and error we finally had a system down and it worked. The kids were a HUGE help!
McKay, Me and Kirsten. Notice the cotton candy all over us, I hate the stuff.
8 is enough! Michelle & her daughter were amazing. They set this darling fish pond up twice outside due to the wind until Mr. S finally gave in and told us to move the carnival inside because a storm was brewing. Thanks Michelle!
Jessica & Whitney setting up for sno-cone sales.
We had so many wonderful businesses donate to our silent auction! Along with each classroom given a theme and making baskets to auction. Everything was sold!
Lauren, Kirsten, Stacey & Cindy setting up for the bake sale just to turn around and do it all again because of the weather. Thank you ladies!
One of the rentals was a HUGE 40' Chaos Obstacle that the kids loved. Kade would do the course and get back in line... over & over & over.
Kade & Brandon were connected at the hip the whole evening. When I caught up with them they were out of breath from racing through the obstacle.
After the long night Danielle & I were beat. She is leaving me for Manhattan, if I can't find someone like her to co-chair with for the next two years then I will take a break until her return. I will miss you my friend!!!


Lac said...

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Danielle Christiansen said...

You are amazing!! I can't believe how much work you did. I bet you never want to see cotton candy for the rest of your life. It is so bad when volunteers do not show up. Great job on the carnival.

Natalie said...

You've been busy. Bet you're glad that's over. You are an amazing, dedicated mom! I could never do all that. I love Kade's face as he's coming down the blow up slide. And I love that you're covered in cotton candy lol.

Lana said...

Looks like Mr. S is up to his old tricks. He conned me into heading the school carnival his first year at our school. I know exactly how you feel the moment that you count that last penny and get to go home finally. Glad it was such a huge success.