Thursday, May 1, 2008

Old Man Winter

This was Saturday... high 70's low 80's, little ones in swimsuits running from house to house playing in the water, older kids riding bikes and scooters as fast as they can up and down the street, neighbors coming out to enjoy one another after a long winter of hibernating, lawn mowers in the back ground...BLISS!
Then we wake up to this mess! Weather plummeting 20-30 degrees, no little ones out and about in the neighborhood, everyone back in their homes with the windows closed, heaters kicking on, hot soup on the stove top, SNOW and SNOW and more SNOW.

(I found this letter from my friend Sara)
Dear Old Man Winter,

I do not regret to inform you that you have worn out your stay here and are no longer welcome. Please know that I am anxiously awaiting your hasty departure. I will not miss you. I will not be sad when you are gone.

Furthermore, please do not return or rear your ugly head around here for at least another 7 months. Please be advised that upon said return, you will be required to sign a contract stating that you will only be present for a maximum of 120 days, at which time you will be required to leave promptly. No lingering allowed. No exceptions.

Thank you for your understanding and prompt attention to the matter. Your vacancy of the premises is required immediately. No exceptions.

Ready for Spring about 30 days ago


morgan said...

Hope you don't mind that I saw your link on Jed and Jessica's blog... I thought I would say hi!
I can't believe those pics of Elise you have... holy crap she's so cute! and old...
Hope you don't mind me stopping by!
This is Morgan Bandley BTW!

Brittanie said...

That letter was AWESOME! Completely how I feel. WHY is this Spring so crazy?

So glad you found me. I love this blogging. =)

Natalie said...

I'm so sick of the cold!

Danielle Christiansen said...

I am so sick of Winter. i know I should be greatful, because I hear pregnancy is so hard in summer. my last summer pregnancy was in a hospital in air conditioning, But I need some sun already!!!!

andrea said...

i love that letter! i want to be sunning myself at baseball games, not freezing to death.