Monday, May 19, 2008

Staff Appreciation

We have the BEST faculty in the county hands down! I would dare go toe to toe against you mothers that think otherwise. Our Principal is the most dedicated man to the students in his care. He is always thinking outside of the box, looking for ways to encourage knowledge, and loving unconditionally. The kids adore him. He loves giving back to the community and helping to instill in our children the sense of ownership for serving!

“Care for a Community” Project
During the month of May students are helping children in Dennehotso, Arizona. Children from this low income area must attend a boarding school for most of the school year. They generally do not have personal supplies that they can take with them. Students are collecting toothbrushes, toothpaste, small toys, blankets, combs and brushes, and socks to send to Dennehotso. As an added incentive, the Principal has agreed to spend the entire day on the roof of the school on Tuesday, May 27th, if each grade level provides at least 200 of their assigned items. We hope you will enjoy your stay on the roof!

Along with his caring side, he and the staff are hilarious!!! A “Brigade of Tin Men” invaded the Principal's office, he was surprised to find the room was encased in tin foil! He has yet to identify the members of the brigade. Anyone with any information is asked to contact him, ASAP!

The future's so bright, you gotta wear shades

Kade's teacher, WOW, that pretty much sums her up. She is: a mentor, leader, encourager, friend, the list can go on & on. She is the key to unlocking the future for these little ones. She has the best lesson plans! Kade has been a meteorologist, given several verbal reports, has had the opporutnity to sport a lab coat and goggles to share his knowledge of gravity with the class, and has taught himself to write his name in cursive... all because of her encouragement.

We love our school! For last weeks staff appreciation the theme was something about our staff being stars (like HOLLYWOOD). Each room parent was asked to make a scrapbook page for their teacher and have the students sign the matte frame. Here is what I came up with:

Once the kids signed it, they were putting 5x7 photos of the teacher with her students in it. They were then presented at an assembly. I had nothing to do with s.a. but heard it turned out great!


Danielle Christiansen said...

Love the tin foil room. How hilarius. Your page is cute. Love the idea of the hollywood stars theme.

Natalie said...

Awesome. I hope Karson goes to a school like that. It sounds wonderful.

marcihite said...

I agree--Foothills is such a great school & you do soooo much for it! Thanks!

Sara said...

Okay, that is like the best prank EVER! Well, pretty good, at least! We are going to have to keep that in mind... :)

And way to go Mrs. PTA Momma! :)