Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers Day Weekend

Friday we all headed off to Park City, first stop was the new indoor water park in Kamas, UT. It is a fairly new hot-spot. They have a slide, lazy river, kids water area, diving boards & lap pool. You can spend all day there and never worry about your kids getting a sun burn. It was a great place to spend half the day.

After swimming we headed off to Park City. I love Park City, the views, the atmosphere, the people, & everything that is available to do: golfing, zip line, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, eating, shopping, my list can go on forever.

We stayed in the only place to stay when you go to Park City... Hotel Park City (http://www.hotelparkcity.com/). It is well worth the money (however, we were lucky enough to have mom & dad pay for the stay THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU). Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt stayed here in the Presidential Suite!!!

They have valet parking, all of the employees are in black & white clothing. The women wear black dresses with white aprons. Each night the beds are turned down with mints and fresh robes on your bed. They have a golf course that runs through the 'village', a pool, spa, ponds, it is breath taking.

Our suite was about 850 square feet. It was a fully furnished home. There were 2 flat screen t.v.s, 2 fire places, all of the bedding was down filled, we had a deck with a hot tub. It was pure luxury and we loved every minute of our stay. We were sad to leave.
This is a picture of the master bedroom that Matt & I stayed in. The bed was soooo comfy.
This is a picture of the fireplace during the holidays!!!
Saturday morning we woke up and went to hit the Alpine Slide/Coaster/Merry-Go-Round Karlee, Cortney, Cael, Halle
Dad, Matt, Nick, Me, Kade, Elise, Halle, Sadie, Jen, Jerid, Karlee, Cortney Everyone except Mom, Jill & Cael were able to ride the new Alpine Coaster. It was a blast. Sadie rode with me and we went as fast as the coaster would go. She laughed her head of the whole ride. Halle & Cael on the airplanes, Sadie is our thrill seeker and she was so bored with this ride, it was hilarious. The little ones rode these rides to make up for that fact that they were too little to ride the zip line at the Olympic Park. Sadie wanted to ride the zip line so bad. Kade & Nicholas loved checking out the bobsleds, luges, & old lift chairs at the Olympic Park. While we were there waiting to purchase our tickets one of the employees of the Park was having a fit that we were near the windows. His exact words, 'I need everyone to back away from the windows, there is a ski jump show going on outside that will end in 10 minutes. People have paid good money to see it.' Whatever dude! Why would we pay to see it if it ended in 10 minutes. What a dork. I later found out that Jerid told the guy to relax (I would expect nothing less from Jerid, way to go!!!)

I love my family! It doesn't matter what we do or where we go, we have a great time. We laugh until our stomachs hurt and we are crying. Cortney, Karlee, Jill & Cael enjoying dinner at the Park City Pizza & Noodle.
Me & my Mom! I love you mom! You are the best!
Jen, Jerid, Nicholas (licking his lips), Halle (sucking down a soda), & Sadie (downing her fries)
Elise (downing a sprite), Kade (counting the bottles of beer on the wall), Mom & Dad (showing his food trying to sick us out)
After dinner we went to the Chocolate Factory which is just up the street from Park City Pizza & Noodle. Kade walked in and announced to some strangers that, 'he felt like a kid in a candy store'. It was so funny! While wandering through the candy store we spotted (what we as a family have voted as the 'sickest treat ever invented'). The frozen, chocolate banana. Come on people it looks wrong. Jerid, mom & I thought is was hilarious. We almost had my mom convinced to open her mouth and pretend to eat it. We were laughing so hard we were are crying out eyes out. The kids didn't get it and wanted their pictures taken with it. We didn't!
Isn't she funny, we are the luckiest kids hands down!
Waiting patiently for the trolley: Sadie, Jerid, Jen, Nick, Halle, Elise, Matt, Cael, Kade

Once on the trolley I was showing my family my mad pole dancing skills. I know you are all jealous!

Val, this is for you! It was across the street from our cottage. Love ya!


Britney said...

Looks like tons of fun! I am going to Park City in a couple of weeks with some friends - I can't wait!

Milly Moo Art - Megan Pritchard said...

That looks like a great weekend! I used to live in Park City for a while in High School, it has really changed a lot compared to back then. I miss it when it was small and quaint, but it still is a fun place to visit.

Kami said...

How fun! I totally agree with you about chocolate covered banana's. They are just sick and wrong.
he he. What a fun family you have!

Our family said...

I agree the chocolate banana is sick. How do you know if the banana is fresh and not brused? I like to slowly suck all the chocolate off the banana to ensure it is fresh and not brused. If done properly it can be a wonderful treat. :)

Danielle Christiansen said...

We went to that pool in Kamas last summer. It was so much fun and not too crowded when we went.
Your place of stay in park City is amazing!!! WOW! What is it like to be a kallas and live the good life?

Colett said...

Are you planning to go on vacation every week this summer? What spoiled brats you are. You seem to know your way aroung the pole pretty well. BTW I love a chocolate covered banana!

Natalie said...

Fun!!! The place looks awesome and it sounds like you guys had so much fun. Jerid looks a little to happy with the banana. And I love your mom, that's to funny.

andrea said...

wow! so many fun family vacations. what a fun family. you are so lucky. i hate bananas with or with chocolate!

Sara said...

WOW! What a beautiful place to stay! And such a fun family trip... you guys are always doing fun things! :) (And the bananas DO have to go... they look like Party Favors for a naughty Bachelorette Party!)

Lucrecia said...

Wow What a fun weekend! I'm so jealous. I don't realize how boring I am until I start reading people's blogs. Must work on that! And I totally forgot that you and Cortney are related.