Monday, June 23, 2008

Navy Seals, Sealing & San Diego

We just returned from another fabulous vacation! One that was one to never be forgotten. We were able to witness an incredible piece of USA history that we will probably never see again in our family... the graduation of a NAVY SEAL! It was a true honor to be invited to witness such an occassion. The night before the graduation there was a Graduation Party. I was so shocked (shocked doesn't even put it into the correct words) at how young they all are. They have been put into their units already and some are in units that have already been deployed for missions. I cried when I would see them and think about what might be ahead of them. It was nice to see a slide show of the 'boys'. They had dinner, dancing and a live show (Jamie's band, she is amazing).

Add Image This was neat fountain on base just outside of the party that was tiled with glass tiles. Uncle Kevin, Kade & Grandpa Smith The Graduation Party was in Coronado. What an amazing city... I came home and told Matt if we ever had to live in Cali I would live here! The party was right on the beach.

The next morning was the graduation, before the ceremony all family and friends were invited to watch a 7 minute movie on the groups training. The man that was over the training told us that the closest thing for a civilian to compare what these men went through is the movie G.I. Jane with Demi Moore. It was intense, they are all so very young, 250 went into the program and 28 came out. I was trully impressed with the way everything was text book. They don't mess around. On our way to the graduation we were priviledged to see one of the turf training camps. I would die, die, die. I am not kidding. They have full uniforms on, running up sand hills, crawling, jumping fences, just like in the movies. It looks so brutal. Once we showed I.D. and parked we waited for the shuttle buses to take us to the actual graduation site. While waiting for the buses some large delivery trucks pulled in, the guards make them 'pop' the trunk and hood, open all side compartments, nothing goes untouched. They are very straight forward. Kade kept asking a lot of 'why' questions and the answers were always the same... FOR OUR SAFETY. I have always been extremely patriotic and now even more so, if that is at all possible. Kade kept telling me, 'Mom you have to promise you won't cry'. I did pretty well. The happy couple... Flynn & Jamie
Brandon & Flynn (best friends)
Kade & FlynnKade & some green thing

After the graduation we decided to head off to the famous Sea World, I hadn't been in 16 years and Kade had never been.

Kade fast asleep on our way to Sea World
The weather was all time highs since 1979, lucky us. We made sure we were in the 'soak zones'. 1st stop, the Dolphins...
Next, Shamu & the Believe show... While we were on our way to the Shamu show Kade & I were seperated from the group. It was so hot so we sqeezed into a 'soake zone' seat and waited for the show to begin. Just then, Kat one of the new trainers came up to us and asked if Kade would like to be in the BELIEVE show. He was so excited! I called my dad's cell and told him where to meet me for the reserved seating seats. Kade & Kat
Kat & Kade waiting for the big moment
Bubbles & friend
Bubbles & trainer
Shamu, Matt & Kade
Matt riding the Shamu log ride
Shamu & trainer Matt
Kade on the big screen (no autographs PLEASE)
Shamu waiting for Kade to feed her
Shamu jumping
Shamu & trainer Matt
Shamu spinning
Kade waving good-bye to Shamu Kevin, Dad, Judy, Kade & I went on this amazing ride. You will get wet... possible soaked. Well we were so wet that hours later when we returned to our hotel Kade & I were still wet.
There were birds EVERYWHERE at Sea World
The flamingos are a gorgeous salmon/pink color.
Everyone watching the flamingos (you are so very welcome for the butt shot)
More flamingos
Circ de la mer Uncle Kevin, Kade & Aunt Judy
Great Aunt Jean, Kade & Great Aunt Nancy
Kade & Great Aunt Beth
Grandpa, Beth, Kade & Grandma

The next day we were off to the San Diego Temple for Jamie and Flynn's sealing. It was a gorgeous day, the temple is gorgeous & Jamie is gorgeous! We were so happy to be there.

The gorgeous couple Jamie & Flynn (congrats! We love you!)

Judy, Kevin, Jamie & Flynn

Jamie & Heather (Jamie's best friend growing up & Flynn's little sister)

Me & Jamie

Kevin & his baby girl Jamie
Chris' little girl (here from Italy) & Loralie (leaving for Japan with her family next week)
Kevin & Flynn
Loralie (she became my fast friend. She loves to get her nails painted and jewlery)
Chris' family
Natalie, Nancy & Loralie (Nancy's husband is a dentist in the Navy and they are being stationed in Japan)
Quinton is Heather's little guy
San Diego Temple


Kami said...

Holy crap woman! You're the traveling queen! I'm so jealous. I love San Diego. In fact that's the temple that I received my endowments in before my mission. Love it!

Lucrecia said...

Wow, your life is reeeeaaally glamorous! I loved the picture of Cade on the big screen. How cool is that??? Jeez! My summer has been extremely boring. You're making me feel bad Jessica! :)

Natalie said...

Love it!!! I wasn't even there and seeing him in uniform makes me all emotional. How fun and memorable for Kade! Loved the big screen shots. Maybe he'll be famous before he becomes a rock star. And why does it not surprise me that you have a new best friend. You are a kid magnent.

Jennifer Napierski said...

What a wonderful trip. My kids have been all over the world but not to Sea World!!!! That's a place I'd really like to take them. What a fun time. And yes, that was me at bunco! I had just flown in two days earlier and my awesome neighborhood invited me to sub at bunco. It was a lot of fun. Everyone seems really nice. How do you and Lu know Jane???? I think it will be a good place for us to settle someday.

Morgan said...

Wow! Kade rocks! What a lucky kid!
Looks like a very fun and busy time!!!

Christensen Clan said...

What an amazing trip and the memories that you will have forever from it. Getting to see all the Graduation and Navy men in all their glory. I love Sea World it is one of my favs. That is so cool they asked Kade to help and seeing him on the big screen. I am so glad you have pictures to show him later. Kade is getting so big I can't believe it. He is a handsome boy! I miss you seeing you each day!

Colett (*-*) said...

Jet setters! Lucky Cade on the big screen! He will never forget that day!

Our family said...

I am just shocked at the parental supervision your son is receiving. This is a clear example of child neglect. Going to a military base where weapons are stored, placing him in the arms of a green monster, and of all things a Wale. They are Killer Wales. You know, that means they kill. Right?

Danielle Christiansen said...

WOW! looks like such an eventfull trip for you guys. I am so jelous at all the vacations you have gotten to take this summer. Espeecially Sea World. it is my absolute favorite place to go.

Tiffani said...

What a cool trip. I am so jealous of Kade. I always wanted to feed Shamu.

Sara said...

Oh, I am so happy for Flynn... Congratulations to him and Jaime! (I know I don't know them, but I understand what an amazing accomplishment that is! I grew up as a Navy Brat... my Dad retired after 24 career years in the Navy...)

And HOW FUN for Kade! WOW! Feeding Shamu and being in the show and on the big screen! WOW! :)

MaKayla said...

sweet dude! you are famus. I love Shamu

Kenzie said...

cool kade. I wish i could do that.