Monday, July 28, 2008

Boys and Night Games

Easton, Celton, Kade, Jake, Eli

For a month now Kade has been begging us to let him invite the neighborhood boys over for night games (we have been holding him off because we haven't been home).

So the night finally arrived! Kade was thrilled. He went to each home and asked, 'can I talk to your mom in private (so funny)'. When we found this out we asked him why and he said that he didn't want to hurt anyones feelings if their mom's said no. That's my boy!

The kids showed up with bandanas in hand and ready for the games to begin!

They played: The Witch Is Out Tonight, Kick The Can, Swat The Fly, What Time Is It Mr. Wolf, and others. We had a half time for potty breaks and snacks. Keep your eyes closed while counting boys

When it was time to go home, they all begged for another night. Matt loaded their bikes in the truck reassuring them that we would do it again (and we have).Easton, Kade, Celton, Jake, Eli

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fiesta Days & the 24th of July

Spanish Fork Fiesta Days

Rebecca and I decided to take the kids to the Children's Parade Saturday morning followed by kids activities. When we picked our spot the kids complained that it was in the sun and they were hot. Rebecca and I thought is felt wonderful!
Easton, Celton, Kade & Rilyn
Kade & me in the sun
Some of the activities for the kids were: sawdust dig, fish pond, craft, bean bag toss, shoot out, face painting (temp. tattoos, the boys wanted them on their foreheads... whatever, I say pick your battles. This was not one worth picking).
Rilyn showing off her butterfly
The kids were so excited to find a 'rock wall'. Add Image
Kade getting fitted with the harness Kade half way up the rock!
Celton getting fitted with the harness
Easton getting fitted with the harness
My cousin Zeke and his wife just adopted beautiful Ellee. Kade and I were so excited when we ran into them at the park. FRONT ROW: Bridger, Brynlee MIDDLE ROW: Hunter, Me, Elle BACK ROW: Hallie, Kade
After the Rock Wall they boys were so excited to participate in the Fiesta Days Fish Rodeo. It is a large man made pool that they fill with live (YES LIVE) fish. The kids were each given a ziplock bag and 15 minutes to catch a live fish. If they caught the 'right' one they were awarded with $20 big ones. Our kids did not catch the 'right' fish but, they had a great time participating. Kade and Easton can't wait to do it again next year, they think they have it down to a science.
Kade was tired of the baggie fishing so he found the butterfly net and caught one. You should have heard Rebecca and me yelling at the boys to run to the end of the pool and not stop in the middle like the other kids had done.
Align Center Easton and Kade with the fish they caught. Sick!!! Of course the fish died by the time we got home so we let the boys gut them. They were too small to fry up so they were trashed.

We enjoyed dinner with the Scott, Danielle and the girls lastnight. It was great seeing and spending time with them.

Scott & Matt
Kade and the girls went to the park (our elementary school playground), jumped on the tramp and Kade even played a solo for them on his guitar. About an hour later we could hear him serenading the girls. What a guy!

Kade playing his guitar for the girlsKinz, Kayla & Kade

Spanish Fork always ends Fiesta Days with fireworks. However, we have found a better location for a great fireworks show in Mapleton. We park our car in Jerid's drive way, walk all the way out to their back yard, lay out blankets, set up our lawn chairs and enjoy the show that is half a block away. When they are over, we load up and head out. We never deal with traffic and we are home at a decent time. The GRAND FINALE is GRAND indeed. If you haven't ever had the opportunity to see them, we highly recommend it.

Matt, Scott, Me and Cheese-ball
Nice officer... think you can get any closer... Michael Jackson called, he wanted you to know you can get burned!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1, 2, 3 Strikes You're Out

Fresh cut grass, hot sticky bleachers, kids with melted sno-cones, sunflower seeds, red dirt, grass stained uniforms, sunburn faces... I love baseball season!

Great form
Nice follow through buddy

Kade was on an amazing team with a wonderful coach... Coach Johnson. He is the grandfather to 2 of the boys on the team. He teaches technique, loves the game, loves the boys, is extremely patient, just an all around great man!

Serious, very serious

Kade has this great ability to hit the ball consistantly down the 3rd base line. His coach and dad were impressed.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mesa Verde, Silverton, 4 Corners, Hovenweep, Newspaper Rock, etc.

We just returned from another FABULOUS vacation! Matt's younger sister planned a great trip for all of us to the beautiful state of Colorado.

First stop: Moab UT. Since we needed to drive through Moab we decided to stop at HOLE IN WALL. It is the side of a rock mountain that was blasted out and converted into a home. You can pay $4.75 per person and take the grand tour. It really is remarkable, I could never live in it. The tour guide acted as if he were high on something. Throughout the tour he kept telling all of us to keep up and move along. He spoke a million miles a minute. Matt was bugged. KEEP UP!
Kade & Matt at Hole In The Rock (obviously)
Kade & Aunt Karlene
Ted, Marc, Matt & Kade checking out the license plate jeep at Hole In The Rock

Second stop: Cortez/Mesa Verde. I have to admit that I was extremely apprehensive about going to Mesa Verde because I had never been and I was afraid it would involve a lot of hiking in the heat. I am hear to announce that it is not a lot of hiking (less than Timp. Cave) and the weather was WONDERFUL!

We checked into the Holiday Inn Express (super nice rooms... all redone with granite, down comforters, clean, clean, clean). I am a brat when it comes to hotels. They have to be updated and CLEAN or I will throw a fit. Don't believe me... ask Matt! I am the one wearing flip flops the whole time (including the shower), I won't let my clothes touch the floor/bedding, I won't re-use a towel. BRAT, I know.

Cortez is a tiny city with a whole lot of nothing. Matt really wanted to eat at a Steak House, we found the only one, and it was literally a house (from the 70's). I thought is was hilarious that when being seated we walked past the original kitchen, linen closet, and bathroom (sicked me out). We were seated in a huge 'family room' restored dining area. The food was over priced and not good. We learned, stick with McDonalds (ICK).

We woke up bright and early to head up the canyon to good ol' Mesa Verde. I recommend it to everyone! There are 3 tours and we bought all. 1st tour, the guy was the type that has read the manual and sticks only to it. He opened for questions and when he was 'stooped' he would reply, 'we aren't here to talk about that'. This didn't go off with Matt's family, the history buffs. We had great laughs the rest of the week telling each other, 'we aren't here to talk about that'. Each tour brought with it some sort of freaks, where do these people come from? There was a girl and her father with our tour. He farted (LOUD) the whole time, she scratched herself. When the tour guide was telling us that the Ancestrial Puebloians were much smaller than we are (women 5ft tall, men 5ft3" tall), she stood up and told all of us, 'I am 5'4 so if you take 4" off me that is how tall the women were and 1" that is how tall the men were.' You should have seen the looks on everyones faces. Jerid, NO, we did not get pictures of them. Yes, you are correct we should have for your collection.
Kade & Marc

Climbing the ladders through the 'city'
Kade, Mom & Kalysta climbing the ladder
Hand print on the wall

Tour #2, there were a lot of people, the 'rock city' was huge, we learned about the sacred worshipping rooms, pictographs, climbed log ladders, etc. Kim, the tour guide, was well informed, great to answer questions and extremely polite. The weirdo's you ask... well they weren't weird, just stunk like a skunk. They were a little french family: no shaving, no shampooing, no DEODORANT. We tried to stay as far away as possible. It was so bad it would make your eyes water. Isn't this incredible!!!
Kade & Matt
Isn't this amazing!
This was found in one of the structures. It is the most vibrant we've seen.
Kade & tour quide Kim

Tour #3, the one I hated!!! The tour guide made it perfectly clear that it you have a fear of heights this is not the one for you, should have listened! He wasn't kidding, and I am so afraid of heights. I felt bad, it was everyone else's favorite tour. 30 foot descent (no big deal), cliff dwellings built on the edge of a 100ft drop, no railings. Matt knows of my fear and thought it would be funny to walk along the edge. I was physically sick, Kade kept telling me, 'just think happy thoughts'. Our guide was from Arkansas and had great stories about good old Bill Clinton. He was all pro Clinton which we are NOT. He told of a time he was in a restruant, Bill came in, our tour guide accidentally trip a server and she poured a pitcher of beer on Clinton. It was a great story. As for the crazy's in this group....aaagh a sweet little family from Maryland. They camped by Matt's sisters family. When they recognized us they thought we were instantly fast BFF's. They told us about their summer long trip through the states. Next stop, Vegas. The mom was so excited because they were going to do a drive thru wedding. She really wanted her kids to see them re-marry... GAG! They have 2 boys and 1 daughter. The youngest was out of control: he kept trying to take our hats off and when the guide asked if there were any questions he started moaning that he wanted to leave.
Hiking the 3 story ladder
Karlene, Ted & Jordan climbing the ladder
Carvings that Kade found
Klint sqeeeeeeezing thru
Grinding stones
Watching our steps up the platform (Karlene, Jordan, Me & Kade)
Kade climging the nasty ladder
See why I hated this 'city'

Next stop, Silverton CO. You drive thru Durango, thru the canyon, (which again I didn't really care for as there are not too many guard-rails and it is a drop off. But it was an amazing drive, nothing like our canyons) and into the tiny, tiny, tiny town of SilveAdd Imagerton, population 100 if they are lucky. We did a mine tour. The guide was an alcoholic. On our way out of town for our horseback riding trip, we spotted him at one of the local bars.

Ted, Me, Kade, Matt, Klint, Kalysta & Taylor
Kade in the mine
Matt & Klint in the mine

Clara (from Germany) & Kade
Me & Kade on D.K & Falina
Ted, Weston, Karlene, Me & Kade
Back Row: Weston, Taylor, Marc, Jen, Klint, Karlene, Ted, Me & Matt
Front Row: Kade, Kalysta & Jordan

Last leg of the vacation: 4 corners, Hovenweep, Newspaper Rock
Kade at 4 Corners
Matt, Me & Kade at 4 corners
4 Corners is so over-rated. You pay $3 per person, wait in line (out in the middle of nowhere), stand in the 4 states and call it good. The only part I enjoyed was visiting all of the Navajo people there selling their goods. They make amazing jewelry and dolls.
Me & Kade at Hovenweep
Me, Matt & Kade

Kade at Hovenweep
This lizard was about 8-10" long. The colors were so vibrant. Maybe if I had a better camera you could see it better.
Kade & Matt at Newspaper Rock