Monday, July 28, 2008

Boys and Night Games

Easton, Celton, Kade, Jake, Eli

For a month now Kade has been begging us to let him invite the neighborhood boys over for night games (we have been holding him off because we haven't been home).

So the night finally arrived! Kade was thrilled. He went to each home and asked, 'can I talk to your mom in private (so funny)'. When we found this out we asked him why and he said that he didn't want to hurt anyones feelings if their mom's said no. That's my boy!

The kids showed up with bandanas in hand and ready for the games to begin!

They played: The Witch Is Out Tonight, Kick The Can, Swat The Fly, What Time Is It Mr. Wolf, and others. We had a half time for potty breaks and snacks. Keep your eyes closed while counting boys

When it was time to go home, they all begged for another night. Matt loaded their bikes in the truck reassuring them that we would do it again (and we have).Easton, Kade, Celton, Jake, Eli


Morgan said...

That's awesome, what a caring and responsible guy you have!

The white blog? Very easy. Go into your layout, settings, change template, choose minima stretch, or minima lefty stretch, whichever side you prefer your links to be on, save your new template. then under fonts and colors, change your border color to white. Also, under fonts and colors you can change a lot of stuff, like the size of your title and text and stuff. Forgive me if you already know all this. You can also change your navigation bar color too, when you're in your layout settings, just click on the edit button on the nav bar.
I had a friend of mine make me a few headers so that I could have something unique that wouldn't be duplicated and changed my fonts to match. She was awesome and cheap.
Did that make any sense at all?

Morgan said...

Ha, I just went back to your page after typing all that and saw your new background! Very cute.

Danielle Christiansen said...

How fun! That was great of you to do that for him. I love how polite kade is....well except when we showed up and he said we werent welcome there and slammed the door in our faces. HAHA!

Hales Family said...

Kade is so sweet! I love that he asked to speak to their moms in private. That looks like so much fun. I remember playing night games as a kid. Some of my funnest memories. I am glad kids are still doing it.

Colett (*-*) said...

It's too bad that Kade is so shy in front of the camera. Oh and 7:00 sharp...yeah right, we'll do our best.

Tiffani said...

Maybe I can come play next time I am in town. You are a fun Mom but that doesn't surprise me one bit.

Natalie said...

I so remember night games. How fun. It's a little scary that he's old enough to play night games. Cute pics.

Jill Smith said...

I LOVE night games. You go Kade! I played night games in college even.