Friday, July 25, 2008

Fiesta Days & the 24th of July

Spanish Fork Fiesta Days

Rebecca and I decided to take the kids to the Children's Parade Saturday morning followed by kids activities. When we picked our spot the kids complained that it was in the sun and they were hot. Rebecca and I thought is felt wonderful!
Easton, Celton, Kade & Rilyn
Kade & me in the sun
Some of the activities for the kids were: sawdust dig, fish pond, craft, bean bag toss, shoot out, face painting (temp. tattoos, the boys wanted them on their foreheads... whatever, I say pick your battles. This was not one worth picking).
Rilyn showing off her butterfly
The kids were so excited to find a 'rock wall'. Add Image
Kade getting fitted with the harness Kade half way up the rock!
Celton getting fitted with the harness
Easton getting fitted with the harness
My cousin Zeke and his wife just adopted beautiful Ellee. Kade and I were so excited when we ran into them at the park. FRONT ROW: Bridger, Brynlee MIDDLE ROW: Hunter, Me, Elle BACK ROW: Hallie, Kade
After the Rock Wall they boys were so excited to participate in the Fiesta Days Fish Rodeo. It is a large man made pool that they fill with live (YES LIVE) fish. The kids were each given a ziplock bag and 15 minutes to catch a live fish. If they caught the 'right' one they were awarded with $20 big ones. Our kids did not catch the 'right' fish but, they had a great time participating. Kade and Easton can't wait to do it again next year, they think they have it down to a science.
Kade was tired of the baggie fishing so he found the butterfly net and caught one. You should have heard Rebecca and me yelling at the boys to run to the end of the pool and not stop in the middle like the other kids had done.
Align Center Easton and Kade with the fish they caught. Sick!!! Of course the fish died by the time we got home so we let the boys gut them. They were too small to fry up so they were trashed.

We enjoyed dinner with the Scott, Danielle and the girls lastnight. It was great seeing and spending time with them.

Scott & Matt
Kade and the girls went to the park (our elementary school playground), jumped on the tramp and Kade even played a solo for them on his guitar. About an hour later we could hear him serenading the girls. What a guy!

Kade playing his guitar for the girlsKinz, Kayla & Kade

Spanish Fork always ends Fiesta Days with fireworks. However, we have found a better location for a great fireworks show in Mapleton. We park our car in Jerid's drive way, walk all the way out to their back yard, lay out blankets, set up our lawn chairs and enjoy the show that is half a block away. When they are over, we load up and head out. We never deal with traffic and we are home at a decent time. The GRAND FINALE is GRAND indeed. If you haven't ever had the opportunity to see them, we highly recommend it.

Matt, Scott, Me and Cheese-ball
Nice officer... think you can get any closer... Michael Jackson called, he wanted you to know you can get burned!


marcihite said...

Wow! Looks like you had a ton of fun over the 24th! I had no idea that the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days did all that stuff!

Lucrecia said...

Wow Jessica! You've had a really busy summer haven't you? YOu are probably the funnest Mom I know. Thanks for the recommend on guitar lessons. I wasn't sure how to find a guitar teacher. B is spilling over with excitement!

Danielle Christiansen said...

WOW! You are active as can be. Thanks again for having us over it was fun. I just loved that picture of jerid in the fireworks. Hilarious. I have another one of him sweeping around the fire but this one was better.
That fish catching thing looked like so much fun.

Colett (*-*) said...

I can't believe you didn't eat that fish.