Friday, August 29, 2008

Nie Recovery

Some of you may know...others may not. A friend from good old PHS has a sister who was in a plane crash. Stephanie and her husband Christian have sustained serious injuries and the recovery according to Dr.'s will take months. They have a precious little family with 4 children, medical bills, and faith! August 28th there will be several auctions to raise money for this beautiful family. If you are interested in donating to their cause click on the Nie recovery box below!

Here is her blog if you would like to check it out,

Monday, August 25, 2008

Payson Lakes

I am a little behind on blogging! A couple of weeks ago we went camping with my parents. We went to Payson Lakes. The weather was great, the location was gorgeous, and our camp neighbors were from HELL (2 families, 4 drunk parents, 9 kids, 2 mini vans, 4 tents, and the most foul mouths you have ever heard... not that I was paying attention to the details).
Halle & Kade
Grandma, Karlee & Grandpa
Karlee & her blanky

The first night we put all the kids to bed and turned on the Bee movie. The neighbors cranked the tunes, kids bawling, parents yelling (this is going to be a great night I told Matt). Our kids fell asleep so Matt went out and turned off the generator. We thought we would have peace and quiet. Not them... they got louder (or maybe it was just because it was so late and we were so tired that it felt like they were louder). I have no idea what time the party ended or when I feel asleep for that matter. But morning did come and we headed down to the lake for fishing and rafting. Halle caught 3 fish, Kade caught 2, Nicholas and Karlee had not desire to fish, they wanted to raft and take pictures. AAAGH peace and quiet...wait! What is going on? Are you kidding me? No way... our camp neighbors showed up and plopped their crap by us! You have got to be kidding me... My Dad told my mom and me not to stare or make comments because he and Matt didn't want to get into a brawl! You should have seen them... hill-billies in the literal sense. Peirced ears for the dad and boys, tails (yes tails! you remember Howard the Duck), cigarettes hanging from the adults mouths while they talked, the works. My mom was laughing so hard she was crying her eyes out. I was caught several times staring, can you blame me? They were better than watching The Jerry Spinger Show! One of the moms wanted to make lunch. She proceeded to pull everything out of the cooler and when she couldn't find the knife she started using the F word. It was ridiculous, a bee kept flying past her and she started crying! This was only the beginning. I would blog the whole thing but, you have a life to get to so I will make it short. The other mother asked the older boy (appeared to be 10) to take one to the younger boys to the restroom... he told her no. Oh no you didn't I thought but, he did. While she was taking one boy to the restroom a baby about 1 1/2 was running around unsupervised. He found the mayo, flipped the lid and began sqeezing and licking. It was hilarious. When the moms returned they were yelling the high heavens. Who is watching River? Look at him! Needless to say we packed up and headed back to camp. AAAGH, can you say peace and quiet. Well, it didn't last long, you know they had to come back to camp sometime. Unfortunately, they returned! While in my trailer getting jackets for the kids I heard one of the moms yelling at one boy asking him what was wrong with his pecker! That's right, real classy. I was choking! I spotted the camp host and asked about queit time. He told me it began every evening at 10pm. I nicely told him that our neighbors were up all hours of the night. He apologized and told me that another camp host came up and talked to them. He said that they looked like the Clampets.

I agreed and then we had a great laugh!

Later Saturday afternoon Matt took the boys hiking. Funny thing... they parked and were getting ready for a hike to Devils Kitchen... ready boys? Have your water bottles? Let's get going. 1/4 mile later they were there. Some hike. The boys were o.k. with it because as they put it, 'it was so cool'.

Kade & Nicholas

Coming home Matt noticed that our truck was billowing black smoke. After doing some digging around he found that we it is leaking gas into the pistons. He is so frustrated. He loves his truck. It has been a labor of love for him. Now we are looking into buying a new truck (this is only the beginning to the end of our camp trip). We got home unloaded the trailer and then Matt and Kade headed up to the dumping station. On their way there the holding tank on our trailer fell off. YES, the pooper tank fell off. We only paid $1,500 for the trailer and it will cost $1,000 to fix it. So we are also in the market for a new trailer. Oh happy camping!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ABC... 123

'The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.'

-Wiliam Shakespeare

Today was the 1st day back to school for Kade! 3rd grade, 2 teachers, 1 back pack, new clothes, school supplies, lunch money, is he ready? I know I am. I can hardly wait for us to be back in the groove of things. Does the word routine mean anything to you? It does if you have kids going back to school. I will surely be running a tighter ship around our place: homework, guitar practice, dinner time, shower, brushed teeth, pj's, prayers and aaaaagh bedtime. I know it will be difficult for Kade to adjust. We have had a busy, relaxed, just for fun summer with hardly any rules! Because of this Kade had a hard time going to bed 'early', 9:30PM-I know my mom is reading this and probably choking, well not really... she knows me too well.

We woke up at 8am! Are you kidding me, we are late... everyone up-up-up!
I signed up to help as a greeter at the school... on our way out the door I remembered that I would like pictures of my handsome young man. We ran back into the house to get the camera... Kade informs me that he does not want me to come to his class (I have been telling everyone that I will volunteer at the school/PTA/classroom as long as I can because the day will come when Kade will not think it is cool to have his mom at school...well folks, we are surely getting there and it is breaking my heart. I won't tell Kade that because he is a tender heart & will feel bad if he knew that it makes me sad that he is growing up so fast).

Kade and his buddy Keiffer. I spotted them walking in the halls so I stopped them to get a picture. Needless to say Kade didn't let me closer to his classroom.

'The important thing is that you never stop questioning'

-Albert Einstien

Monday, August 18, 2008

City Days

Last week we celebrated our city! For the past 2 years now I have had the opportunity to oversee our Children's Parade. It is so much fun. I would love to mimic the Provo Children's Parade but, in a small town who I am to 'rock the boat', so we walk around the small trail twice.

I am hoping that if I have the priviledge to oversee it again next year I can 'rock the boat' and create a new tradition in this wonderful city full of rich heritage.

The kids were encouraged to dress up, decorate bikes, and make mini floats. Kade and some of his friends dressed up as the NEW high school baseball team. They looked awesome!

East, Celton, Kade Tyler, Brayden, Caleb

The week was full of great events fun for the whole family:

Lil Buckaroo Rodeo
Boat Ragatta (Kade wants to participate in this next year. They give you 3 huge sheets of cardboard, 3 rolls of duct tape, 1 stick and 2 hours to make a boat that you can paddle around an obstacle course in the pond)
Senior Citizens Dinner
Baby Contest
Grand Parade
Gaylord (Cameron) & Kade
Cameron is a dear family friend that Kade idealizes! He and Kade both celebrate their birthdays in November, Kade wants to grow up and be just like Cameron. Whenever we need a sitter Kade begs for Cameron. I never call him because he is 17, a senior in HS, dating, etc. We ran into Cameron just before the Grand Parade started and Kade kept razzing him about his school colors, school shirt, and anything else he could think of.

Elise, Celton, Rilyn, Easton, Kade, Nicholas, Sadie

See the balloon behind the kids? Camerons group made these and our kids ended up with some of the 'hats'. Our parade is by far the BEST! The kids walk away with grociery bags full of candy (like trick or treating), our local nursery gave out huge pots with flowers (see behind the kids). We collected shirts, candy, otter-pops, flowers, etc. from our parade.

Golf Tournament
Little Miss
Mud Volleyball
Photo Contest (winners entries will be in next years calendar)
a Pageant and the most amazing fireworks, better than Freedom Festivals hands down.

We went to the pageant (which was fun) and just as the fireworks were to begin it started sprinkling, then there was thunder & lightening, then a DOWN POUR! We kept thinking it would blow over but, it only got worse. Finally we gave in, loaded up and RAN for the cars.
MacKayla, McKinzey, Celton, Kade, Easton just before the rain storm
Celton & Kade with their glow sticks

Rilyn, Celton, Easton & Kade
Matt, Kade & me
Rebecca, Rilyn & Easton

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beijing Olympics


I love the olympics! We look forward to the adrenaline rush from wathcing TEAM USA compete. We are so proud to be citizens of the good old USA!
There are stories to inspire, motivate, lift. Shanteau was recently diagnosed with a rare form of testicular cancer. In a recent interview he said that he reminds himself of something his dad told him regarding his diagnosis, 'cancer does NOT have you. You have cancer'.
Shawn holding & consoling a team mate after a major fall.
Our boys, holding our flag!
Did you know we are competing in the following games:
Archery-Badminton-Baseball-Basketball-Beach Volleyball (we have a local UT boy, Jake Gibb competing) -Boxing, Canoe/Kayak-Cycling (go Lance) -Diving-Equestrian-Fencing-Field Hockey-Gymnastics-Handball-Judo-Modern Pent.-Rhythmic Gym-Rowing-Sailing-Shooting-Soccer-Softball-Swimming-Sync. Swimming-Table Tennis-Taekwondo-Tennis-Track & Field-Trampoline (I can do a mean knee flip) -Triathlon-Volleyball-Water Polo-Weightlifting (is this eating or those big 'dumb' bells?) -Wrestling

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Welcome Little One

I am again a proud aunt, Cortney & Jill are the proud parents, Halle, Karlee & Cael are the proud siblings to Hayvn.

She is a beautiful, precious angel.

We are so spoiled & blessed to have her in our family.
Cortney & Jill had their kids stay at Grandma's the night before Jill was to be induced. 5AM they were up, ready & waiting for the hospital to call with the news that they could come in & be induced. The clocked ticked, tocked, ticked, & tocked some-more. Finally at 1PM they received the call. Once Jill was admitted & prep'd she was finally put on the pit at 2PM. Havyn was born at 6PM. We are so proud of Jill! She is so good about the whole process always looking for the good in her hospital experience & the healing. I think it is because she is relived to no longer be pregnant. LOL With each baby they have Matt & I put in an order for one. Can you blame us... look how gorgeous she is. We love her. We are so thankful for a loving Father in Heaven that allows our family to grow by leaps & bounds with these precious little ones.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fish, Dirt, and more Dirt

This past weekend Matt was able to finally get a weekend off and so we: packed the trailer, loaded the 4 wheeler & generator in the back of the truck, invited friends and headed up to Fairview Canyon. It is gorgeous: the trees are thick and lush green, the lakes are deep blue and full of fish, the campsites amazingly clean, the air crisp and was HEAVEN!

Friday was full of: setting up camp, 4 wheel rides, games, and B-B gun shooting.

Saturday: Matt and Dwayne headed back into town to take Celtons 4 wheeler into the shop because it quit on him. While they were gone Rebecca and I thought it would be a great idea to take the kids on a ride. Thank heavens for the helmet laws. While riding Easton and Celton fell off their 4 wheeler. It was horrifying but, there were no physical injurys and after hugs from mom we were back on the trail. The trail went on and on and on. I was starting to get nervous that we would run into some kind of trouble: bear, running out of gas, not finding our way back. I stayed calm and acted like I knew what we were doing. Luckily we made it back to camp, unfortunately I forgot to take my camera and was not able to get pictures of the most amazing scenery. Everything was in full bloom!

When the guys returned we took the kids fishing. Matt and Dwayne got the poles ready, casted & then we all sat down for the loooong wait. Well, the kids were not interested in fishing with the poles & opted for the butterfly nets (bubberfly nets as Rylin called them). The lake was full of baby fish along the shore line feeding. The kids immediately began catching them & then soon realized that if they stretched a little farther out they would get larger fish (3-4"). They were having a ball. We emptied the treats & the fishes new home quickly became the zip-lock baggies we brought. Dwayne caught the largest & was NOT humble about it at all. Therefore, being competitive Matt just knew he could catch one much bigger. With time & patience Matt caught one that was at least 10". It was hilarious! He was so proud of himself. We yelled for the kids to come check it out.
Matt & the fish he caught with the 'bubberfly' net

Matt fishing, Celton cooling off in his BVD's
Matt & Kade fishing with poles and the 'bubberfly' net
Rylin holding the baby fish the boys caught with the 'bubberfly' nets
The mighty fishermen!
Kade fishing
After fishing we decided to take the men out on the trail we found. When we returned we could not believe how sick and filthy we were. There was dust billowing up all around us. It was horrible. Needless to say, we washed up (shampoo/conditioner... the works).
Rylin, Rebecca, Me & Matt after the ride
Matt & me after our ride
Celton (Brad Pitt Jr.) & Kade after the LOOOONG 4 wheeler ride
Celton, Rebecca & Kade at the end of the trail!
Matt after the ride

Monday, August 4, 2008


I am... content in my 30's. I know who I am, what I want, and I don't worry what others think. I don't have to 'keep up with the Jone's'.
I think... about things that are out of my control.
I know... who I am and what I want.
I want... Kade to believe in himself, stand up for what he knows, continue watching out for the 'underdog', and learn to love himself.
I have... been blessed with more than I could have imagined.
I wish... I had great skin, better hair and the motivation to lose weight.
I hate... where the election is going.
I miss... Matt's dad, Grandma & Grandpa Jones and Lake Powell.
I fear.... the future of our country and how crAzY the world will get.
I feel... overwhelmed by my new job.
I hear... Kade practicing the guitar, asking me to lay by him and talk about the day and his sweet laughter.
I smell... everything (just like you Morgan). It's true, I have a super nose. It bothers Matt.
I search... for success in motherhood and my marriage.
I wonder... if we will ever get a boat.
I regret... not being as kind as I should have been when I was younger.
I love... my girls night out! I look forward to it each and every month. I cherish my friends.
I care... about the success of my family!
I always... pray and floss!
I am not... ready for the Childrens Parade that I am responsible for.
I believe... in God.
I dance... when I am home alone with the radio blaring -while cleaning.
I sing... all the time, sorry for anyone who has heard my voice (no, if I have been blessed with this voice then you should have to hear it).
I don't always... ask for permission. Sometimes it is easier to ask for forgiveness.
I write... everything down -I am the Queen List Maker.
I win... when Kade is happy, content and knows that he has accomplished a new task.
I lose... when I procrastinate.
I never... thought I would be like my mom when I grew up (thankful that I am), get along with my brother (one of my best friends), or be the amazing aunt that I am (just kidding)
I listen... to my gut!
I read... books that are uplifting and don't leave me with a dark feeling.
I am happy about... our new Bishopric.

anyone else want to play?

Dirt, Poles, Worms, Power Bait... My Boys

This summer (if we aren't on vacation) when Matt has a day off he has been taking Kade fishing.

My boys love the great outdoors!

Kade caught a good sized fish, then Matt caught one larger.

Let the games of competition begin...

Minutes later, Kade caught one even bigger than the one Matt caught. Hours later... no more bites.

Kade was so proud of himself that he caught the biggest one in the whole lake.

Open wide