Monday, August 18, 2008

City Days

Last week we celebrated our city! For the past 2 years now I have had the opportunity to oversee our Children's Parade. It is so much fun. I would love to mimic the Provo Children's Parade but, in a small town who I am to 'rock the boat', so we walk around the small trail twice.

I am hoping that if I have the priviledge to oversee it again next year I can 'rock the boat' and create a new tradition in this wonderful city full of rich heritage.

The kids were encouraged to dress up, decorate bikes, and make mini floats. Kade and some of his friends dressed up as the NEW high school baseball team. They looked awesome!

East, Celton, Kade Tyler, Brayden, Caleb

The week was full of great events fun for the whole family:

Lil Buckaroo Rodeo
Boat Ragatta (Kade wants to participate in this next year. They give you 3 huge sheets of cardboard, 3 rolls of duct tape, 1 stick and 2 hours to make a boat that you can paddle around an obstacle course in the pond)
Senior Citizens Dinner
Baby Contest
Grand Parade
Gaylord (Cameron) & Kade
Cameron is a dear family friend that Kade idealizes! He and Kade both celebrate their birthdays in November, Kade wants to grow up and be just like Cameron. Whenever we need a sitter Kade begs for Cameron. I never call him because he is 17, a senior in HS, dating, etc. We ran into Cameron just before the Grand Parade started and Kade kept razzing him about his school colors, school shirt, and anything else he could think of.

Elise, Celton, Rilyn, Easton, Kade, Nicholas, Sadie

See the balloon behind the kids? Camerons group made these and our kids ended up with some of the 'hats'. Our parade is by far the BEST! The kids walk away with grociery bags full of candy (like trick or treating), our local nursery gave out huge pots with flowers (see behind the kids). We collected shirts, candy, otter-pops, flowers, etc. from our parade.

Golf Tournament
Little Miss
Mud Volleyball
Photo Contest (winners entries will be in next years calendar)
a Pageant and the most amazing fireworks, better than Freedom Festivals hands down.

We went to the pageant (which was fun) and just as the fireworks were to begin it started sprinkling, then there was thunder & lightening, then a DOWN POUR! We kept thinking it would blow over but, it only got worse. Finally we gave in, loaded up and RAN for the cars.
MacKayla, McKinzey, Celton, Kade, Easton just before the rain storm
Celton & Kade with their glow sticks

Rilyn, Celton, Easton & Kade
Matt, Kade & me
Rebecca, Rilyn & Easton


Speedys said...

I totally agree with you about the Salem Days celebration, we did the fun run, parade, free breakfast and the fireworks. you should have stayed for all the fireworks, the rain did eventually stop.
Lisa E.

Natalie said...

How do you become in charge of something like that? You are nuts. Looks like fun though.

Danielle said...

You and your family are always doing something fun! It seems like you don't miss a do you do it all?

andrea said...

You and I are soul "pot stirrers" -- one day you will have the largest Childrens parade on route. No doubt. :)

Danielle Christiansen said...

yes it was quite the storm indeed. I will never forget it. I would think after all these years you would know how to spell my girls names, However I like your creative spelling.
Thanks again for inviting us.