Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fish, Dirt, and more Dirt

This past weekend Matt was able to finally get a weekend off and so we: packed the trailer, loaded the 4 wheeler & generator in the back of the truck, invited friends and headed up to Fairview Canyon. It is gorgeous: the trees are thick and lush green, the lakes are deep blue and full of fish, the campsites amazingly clean, the air crisp and cool...it was HEAVEN!

Friday was full of: setting up camp, 4 wheel rides, games, and B-B gun shooting.

Saturday: Matt and Dwayne headed back into town to take Celtons 4 wheeler into the shop because it quit on him. While they were gone Rebecca and I thought it would be a great idea to take the kids on a ride. Thank heavens for the helmet laws. While riding Easton and Celton fell off their 4 wheeler. It was horrifying but, there were no physical injurys and after hugs from mom we were back on the trail. The trail went on and on and on. I was starting to get nervous that we would run into some kind of trouble: bear, running out of gas, not finding our way back. I stayed calm and acted like I knew what we were doing. Luckily we made it back to camp, unfortunately I forgot to take my camera and was not able to get pictures of the most amazing scenery. Everything was in full bloom!

When the guys returned we took the kids fishing. Matt and Dwayne got the poles ready, casted & then we all sat down for the loooong wait. Well, the kids were not interested in fishing with the poles & opted for the butterfly nets (bubberfly nets as Rylin called them). The lake was full of baby fish along the shore line feeding. The kids immediately began catching them & then soon realized that if they stretched a little farther out they would get larger fish (3-4"). They were having a ball. We emptied the treats & the fishes new home quickly became the zip-lock baggies we brought. Dwayne caught the largest & was NOT humble about it at all. Therefore, being competitive Matt just knew he could catch one much bigger. With time & patience Matt caught one that was at least 10". It was hilarious! He was so proud of himself. We yelled for the kids to come check it out.
Matt & the fish he caught with the 'bubberfly' net

Matt fishing, Celton cooling off in his BVD's
Matt & Kade fishing with poles and the 'bubberfly' net
Rylin holding the baby fish the boys caught with the 'bubberfly' nets
The mighty fishermen!
Kade fishing
After fishing we decided to take the men out on the trail we found. When we returned we could not believe how sick and filthy we were. There was dust billowing up all around us. It was horrible. Needless to say, we washed up (shampoo/conditioner... the works).
Rylin, Rebecca, Me & Matt after the ride
Matt & me after our ride
Celton (Brad Pitt Jr.) & Kade after the LOOOONG 4 wheeler ride
Celton, Rebecca & Kade at the end of the trail!
Matt after the ride


Natalie said...

How fun! We go camping there every year LOVE IT!

Keri said...

Okay, How many vacations does one family get in a year?????

Robbins said...

I saw you guys heading out and I was jealous. Looks like you guys had a blast. I love the dirt pictures. Isn't kind of fun to get dirty and not care about it. I love it!:)

Danielle Christiansen said...

sounds like you had a fun time!!!

Tiffani said...

The best part of camping is the dirt. That is why I love it. I don't have to do my hair or even shower.

Morgan said...

you guys do such fun stuff together!
i love the boy in his briefs! too funny!