Monday, September 29, 2008

Are we falling behind or caught up now?

In the busy world of a working mother I have allowed blogging to slip. So take a deep breath and dive in or just skip.
Kade is one lucky 3rd grader to have 2 teachers. 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. Being the room parent and trying to plan parties has been difficult, 2 during the morning and 2 in the afternoon. The reason for this being difficult is that I have to leave work in the middle of the afternoon to host 2 class parties where in years past they are all an hour before school lets out. It will work out and be loads of fun, I love the class parties. Briann W. has been in Kade's classes since kindergarten and she recently told her mom that she is sad she isn't in his class this year. Julie asked her why and she said it was because, 'Kade's mom does fun parties and we make neat stuff'. That made me feel so good. Sometimes you never know what they are thinking or if they even care. So Briann, THANK YOU!
Kade with his morning teacher.
Kade with his afternoon teacher
Football has been so fun. Kade is really excelling in the sport. He loves playing receiver, he is a good little catcher, and runs like the wind! If only he can get it down that just because he can't see the opposing team doesn't mean he isn't open.

Hayden our QB displaying a fabulous pair of bunny ears and Kade
Kade and his buddy Austin
Down, Set, HIKE
The team!

Since the weather is getting colder we decided we better get one last trip of fishing in so we loaded the boat and headed to Scofield. It was cold in the shade and hot in the sun. FALL in UTAH.

Umm, Kade we think you might have a fish??? HE DID

While down loading pictures I found these next 2. I asked Kade what they were for and he said that they were King Kong. If you look closely you will see a Praying Mantis climbing on one of my yard pieces.

Then apparently Kade pulled him off and took a close up. Our yard has been over taken by these creatures this year. Last year it was hornets. I think we will stick with this guys.

Ah scouts. Kade loves scouts. He loves playing with fire, building things, swimming, hiking, collecting rocks, and receiving awards. He is flying through his first book. We are so proud of him
Jake, Kade, Hayden


Robbins said...

Wow..I was wondering if you had falling off the earth>:) That is funny about "king kong." I am such a wimp. I found one on the kids' carseats while they were drying in the sun yesterday and I scream for Brett to come and get it off. I am not a creature person!

Natalie said...

Great pics. You're a busy mom!

Morgan said...

you have such a well rounded boy.
calssroom parent? you go jes!