Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween decorating and Partying with pumpkins

Kade and I had a great time getting the house ready for the ghost and goblins to come out. Poor Kade, he says 'my mom doesn't decorate scary'. So I went out and bought skull heads big and small, some that light up and some that make sounds. I also bought skelital hands. They are awesome, we filled a large glass dish with the small skulls and hands. It turned out great... however, it is still not scary enough for my 8 year old. I am more into the vintage Halloween and gourds (for some it may be boring but, I love it). Below is just a sampling of what we did. We decorated the main rooms in our home and the porch, then called it good.

The ALL HALLOWS EVE sign was a lot larger than I thought it would be. But, I love it!

I forgot to take a picture of our front yard to show that we have over 30 pumpkins! I am the room parent for Kade's class and we are going to be decorating the pumpkins (I will post pictures after the party). Kade and I are so excited for the activity. They should turn out darling. Everyone that comes asks if we grew them... well ours didn't come up this year so while at our neighborhood grocer I asked if they would be willing to donate them... and they said YES! I love living in a small, home town community!

Last night my family got together for dinner and Halloween fun. We haven't seen my family in 2 weeks so for us it was a treat. We had a yummy dinner of taco soup, and the most delicious homemade cake that Jen made! Then we gave the kids the carving tools neccassary and set them loose (they carved their own and did a great job I might add).

The kids were so excited! They quickly got to work. Elise, Nicholas, & Sadie were excited to save EVERY seed as they were going to go home and roast them. YUMMY, you will have to let me know how they turned out!
Silly Sadie, her pumpkin has a flower top, triangle eyes & nose with a crAzY zig zaggy mouth! The headless Nicholas displayed his triangle eyes, mini trianlge nose, HUGE mouth pumpkin! Kade's started out as a 'hill billy' with his HUGE front teeth, then as the night progressed it just got down right crAzY, silly. Elise did some research on her dad's iphone when she finally came up with this half moon eyed, HUGE nostraled, slant smiled Aurthur looking pumpkin


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Run Bambi Run

We started out on Skyline Drive (which is gorgeous this time of year) but it was so cold... freezing cold. It rained and snowed the whole time we were there. So much so that my mighty hunter called it quits Saturday (the opener) at 6PM. Kade was so upset. He would have toughed it out! We left the trailer and headed for home... aaaah home sweet WARM home.

The last 3 1/2 weeks have been filled with: Hiking Boots, camp fires, four wheelers, dust, Jeans, Jackets, and 'Deer Hunter' Orange. Matt & Kade-Skyline Drive

Monday we were back up there hunting and finding nothing but; mud, squirrels, and more mud! But the scenery was gorgeous!
We spent the majority of the deer hunt out West. Matt and his broAdd Imagethers love it out there. I think it is UGLY. Nothing but, dirt and sage brush. We had a great time, the weather was perfect, the company was a blast and 4 whelleing was terrific. Our first day out on the opener the 2 dogs in our camp got into a scuffle, which led to one dog having the top portion of her ear bit off! The kids kept looking for the portion of the ear that was bit off but, could never find it. Later that afternoon I was sitting on the 4 wheeler when I looked down and there it was! So naturally we picked it up (I would NOT touch it), took it back to camp, wrapped it and gave it to Klint as a birthday gift (I know we are sick). We now call the canyon, Dog Fight Canyon.

Matt, Marc, Klint, Jordan, Karlene, & Ted all checking out Sadie's chewed up ear!
I have heard from several that there are tarantulas in the West desert. Well... we saw 2, they are SICK and SCARY. They were both the size of an adult palm, and furry.
Matt made Kade get down by the sick creature. If you double click on the photo you will see it more clearly... aaaagh

Taylor after a long ride through the dusty trails.

Each night while around the camp fire I brought something up for everyone. Dessert or toys. The girls loved the glow sticks.
Try with all our might... we could not keep our eyes OPEN. Our flash is crAzY bright. Klint & Steve wrapped their glow sticks around their glasses. We all laughed out guts out! Jordan was the glow stick princess! She loved these things. I think by the end of the night she ended up with most of them.

Me & Kade hiking My hot hubby surveying the land Marc & Kade Kade taking aim at a soda can. He was an amazing shot! I think his dad and uncles could learn a thing or two from him. Jordan & Kade after a LONG 4 wheeler ride.

Nobody in the group found Bambi, or his dad, or his uncles! Maybe next year mighty hunters.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hold your Tacos...

Matt had to work Saturday, it was too cold to do anything fun outside and I was priviledged to watch my brothers little ones.
So what do you do on a freezing cold Saturday afternoon for 4 kids?
... You take them to the movie.

The kids are ages, 2-8 and not one of them got up. They sat quietly in their seats, eating popcorn, sipping soda and laughing hysterically. GREAT MOVIE for the whole family.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dr.'s, ER, and LIFE FLIGHT

Monday afternoon I was home sitting outside in a camp chair watching Kade & the 701 nieghbor kids out playing and soaking up what little time we have left of warmer afternoons when my phone rang. "Jesicca, can you help me?" It was Matt's youngest sister calling from the hospital in Price. Her husband Ted had been ill all weekend and finally conceded to go see his Dr. at which point he was directed to get to the ER because they thought he might have suffered a heart attack. With fear, they drove to the ER in Price. Please note I am sure the hospital is OK, but when you are in a small town you are limited on what is available to you medically. The ER could not meet his medical needs, thus the phone call.

Price was making arrangements for Ted to be sent to UVRMC via Life Flight and Karlene (Matt's sister) did not want him to arrive in Provo alone. I made several phone calls and had Matt & his 2 brothers at the hospital when Ted landed.

Poor Karlene had to make the 2 hour drive in the dark through the canyon by herself. Several of us offered to make the trek to pick her up but she insisted through tears and sobs that she would be fine. Several prayers were made in there behalf through those hours of her driving alone. We prayed that she would remain calm, that Ted would be stable through the flight, and that little Jordan (their daughter) would feel comfort in the absense of her parents.

Matt and his brother Marc were at UVRMC around 7PM waiting for news of Ted's departure from Price as the flight would only take 15 minutes. UVRMC's heart surgeons were all in surgery and we had to wait for a Dr. to become available before Price would release Ted to Life Flight. In the meantime I gave instructions to Matt and his brothers to meet with the receptionist in the UVRMC ER of who they were, who they were waiting for, and find out what time she expected Ted to arrive. She had no idea what they were talking about... thus more phone calls. Through trial and error we learned that Life Flight does NOT go through the ER. They have their own arrival portal at the hospital.

Tests were requested and administered, Dr.'s were updated and Ted was taken into surgery around midnight. Thankfully they were able to go through an artery in Teds thigh and perform surgery that consisted of cleaning his chambers and adding 4 permanent stints. Miracles happen: Ted was in ICU Monday and part of Tuesday, down graded to a regular room (nurses aren't as kind as the ICU nurses) Tuesday evening, and released Wednesday morning.

All is well and the recovery I am sure is the pits!