Friday, November 21, 2008

I like my men immortal and cold...

That's right fans, I was priveledge to see the movie at a PRE SHOWING. Last night at 7!!! I must admit that I loved the books, loved Edward, loved everything about them. Then I went online and saw who was cast and was so disappointed. Needless to say my expectations for the movie were extremely LOW.

We loaded in our vehicles, went out to dinner (Texas Road House), and then headed to Jordan Commons. It was packed. There were 3 pre showings last night. One was a PROM themed showing. You would have been blown away by everyone dressed to the nines. It was crAzY. When entering the theatre we had our bags searched, we were scanned with metal detectors and if you had your camera you were escorted out to return it to your car. CRaZy. I had my camera, I didn't drive, it was cold, I am stubborn, so I threw my batteries in the trash so that I wouldn't have to do the stupid song and dance for security. Once in (sigh), we were given lanyards. When everyone was seated they did a HUGE prize giveaway. Book marks, gift cards (I won a gift card... thanks Gina), candy, etc. If your lanyard said EDWARD you received a sparkling blanket, ICE gum, and glitter body spray. If your lanyard said BELLA you received a red blanket and Bella perfume. If youR lanyard said JACOB you received a brown fuzzy blanket and Frebreeze Meadow spray.

Now for the movie... lights dimmed - the audence went screaming mad. Charlie was PERFECT, Jacob was darling but has a weird shaped nose, Bella was PERFECT, Jasper was icky, Alice was PERFECT, Rosalie was PERFECT (so mean), Carlisle was PERFECT (except for the 1st scene... his make-up was horrible... too caked on). Edward grew on me and by the end of the night I wanted the lady behind me's tee 'save gas, ride a VAMPIRE'. I loved the movie, I was not disappointed and I think it is because I expected NOTHING.

Ladies... how was that first kiss? AMAZING!
Because I threw the batteries to my camera away I wasn't able to get any pictures of my sweet friends. Hopefully they will send some to me so that I can post them. Until the next movie (which they have already started filming)...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Our little guy turned 9 this past week! It is always bitter sweet for me. Birthdays are a BIG deal in our family so Kade had a 'friends' party and a 'family' party.

This year he wanted a 'FOOTBALL' party. So off I went to find everything and anything FOOTBALL: field goals, helmets, footballs, clappers, candy, etc. A good friend of mine helped me with the invites. We made TICKETS to the GAME. They turned out GREAT. However, I am having a hard time downloading it. The kids all came dressed for the game (we had 20 kids), we loaded up and headed to the NEW stadium. They were put into teams and played ball. Elise (Kade's cousin) was the only girl to play and she made the 1st touchdown. Next was pizza, cupcakes, ice-cream and presents. Kade, Carson, Kade, NicholasKieffer & KadeAustin & Kade Kade & Jace
Easton, Kelton, Kade & Austin Jordan & Kade Half the gang eating lunch


Kade's birthday was on a Monday and Matt had to work. I had planned on taking Kade to a movie and dinner before the family showed up but, when he got home from school he just wanted to relax and stay home. What an EASY kid. He played with the neighborhood boys and then family started rolling in. My little pyro wanted to light his own birthday candles so being the fabulous mother that I am... I let him.
After singing the traditional song we let all of the cousins help blow out the candles.
Gifts, Gifts & more Gifts. We have an awesome family!

Notice our fabulously HUGE TV? Ours went out and so we pulled the TV out of our trailer. For some reason no one ever wants to come over for movie night... go figure. I keep telling my dad that after a while you get used to it and don't even realize how tiny it is. He doesn't believe me... neither does Matt.
We are hoping Santa brings us a new one.
Happy Birthday big guy! We love you so much... to the moon and back.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sick... who ordered this stuff!

Last week I had the opportunity to do what we as Latter Day Saints have been counseled to do by the brethern.... can!

I went with some FUN, GREAT ladies to our local dry pack cannery.
We had a BLAST!

First off... what are you ordering? Do you prefer: packs, cans, or bulk? How many can we order? Will we use it all? Does it work? Does it taste ok? Will kids eat it? These are just a few of my questions. Thanks to Becky- her counsel, 'fill what you think you will eat and as for the method of canning it is personal preference, don't worry what others are doing.'

Second step... we were dressed in fabulous attire. Aprons, rubber gloves (turn your head and cough), and hair nets. HOT MOMMAS WERE WE!
Back row: Emily, Ashlee, Rebecca, Karen, Me
Front row: Tana, Cheryl, Emily, Becky

We canned: beans, onions, carrots, apple slices, oats, drink mixes, and milk... WHO ORDERED THE MILK? My group got STUCK filling the powdered milk. It smells like urine, it sticks to everything, it doesn't pour nicely- it dumps, and you have to pack it down to meet the weight requirements. It was disgusting!
The Milk Maids: Madeline, Me, Karen, Rebecca (we were covered in MILK)

Halloween: class party, city party, trunk or treating, and more...

After carving pumpkins with the family, Matt wanted to carve more the following night. Our neighbor owns her own business and she was having a pumpkin carving contest. Kade was so excited. He gathered pictures of Sponge Bob and carved his own! I think he did an amazing job for being 8.
Unfortunately... he didn't win.

Halloween morning I hosted Kade's class party. I had a friend come in as the Wicked Witch! She was amazing. She made a brew and each time she added a portion of the recipe: earth worms, bat bones, ghost eyeballs, colored flies, etc. she would CACKLE! The kids loved her! Next Pumpkin Mummies. Each child pick out a pumpkin, wrapped it in 'guaze' fabric, and glued eyes on it. They were darling.

Last but not least was GREEN SLIME!

Later in the day I found myself back at the school for the parade. Kade had 2 costumes this year and wanted to be a banana for school. The kids thought he was hilarious!
He is soooo his dad!

Next stop... the city party. Each business in our town set up a table/booth and the kids got to trick - or - treat! It was a huge success and the kids enjoyed it.Kade & the skeleton driver from Halloween Town.
Hayden, Jace, Kade & Easton

After the city party, it was off to dinner, trunk or treating, and Grandma/Grandpas house.