Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween: class party, city party, trunk or treating, and more...

After carving pumpkins with the family, Matt wanted to carve more the following night. Our neighbor owns her own business and she was having a pumpkin carving contest. Kade was so excited. He gathered pictures of Sponge Bob and carved his own! I think he did an amazing job for being 8.
Unfortunately... he didn't win.

Halloween morning I hosted Kade's class party. I had a friend come in as the Wicked Witch! She was amazing. She made a brew and each time she added a portion of the recipe: earth worms, bat bones, ghost eyeballs, colored flies, etc. she would CACKLE! The kids loved her! Next Pumpkin Mummies. Each child pick out a pumpkin, wrapped it in 'guaze' fabric, and glued eyes on it. They were darling.

Last but not least was GREEN SLIME!

Later in the day I found myself back at the school for the parade. Kade had 2 costumes this year and wanted to be a banana for school. The kids thought he was hilarious!
He is soooo his dad!

Next stop... the city party. Each business in our town set up a table/booth and the kids got to trick - or - treat! It was a huge success and the kids enjoyed it.Kade & the skeleton driver from Halloween Town.
Hayden, Jace, Kade & Easton

After the city party, it was off to dinner, trunk or treating, and Grandma/Grandpas house.


Danielle Christiansen said...

fantastic pictures. Love the jack-o lanterns guys-good work!

Robbins said...

I hope you are saving all these ideas for when my kids get in school.:) Wow I would haVe loved you as a room mom!

Stephanie said...

I loved to see what Kade was going to be dressed up as next. I love that boy! Your mummy pumpkins turned out really cute.

happydays said...

Kade looks a little embaressed in one of the pictures. That is how all third graders are though. That is how I was and how Nicholas was. Sadie is in First grade though. When we eat lunch she will pretend that she doesnt know who we are. This is elise by the way it is under nicholas' blog.