Thursday, December 18, 2008


Growing up I loved Christmas... I still do! I would tell my friends that I was loved more because my brother and I had 2 Christmas'. You read right... 2. We rotated year to year between my dad's and mom's homes for Christmas Eve, then on Christmas day we would go to the other parents home. Yes, we were loved more! How could we not be?

Growing up in Utah in the 70's-80's there was snow. Nothing pathetic like we get now, I mean snow. So much that it would block the parking strips along our streets, and we would listen to the news report praying for a snow day.

We wore 'moon-boots', they always leaked and we would have to line the inside with bread sacks. We thought we were so poor. It wasn't until later that we found out everyone lined their boots with bread sacks. Wonder bread anyone? We would play until our winter wear was soaked through and we were shivering. My mom would make us come through the laundry room and strip down because she didn't want snow tracked through the house. We would make a mad dash for the bathroom, turn on the hot water and get in. Then with tear streaked faces we would cry our eyes out because the water BURNED. You all have the same memory, I know you do. I loved flocked trees growing up (they expensive) my mom would buy a tree, cans of spray flock and then stand outside for hours flocking our trees. Once she was finished we would carefully bring it in the house and place it just so. My brothers were always off playing and I would sit on the couch watching my mom decorate. We were NEVER allowed to help decorate for the Holidays (I am just like my mother, who is just like her mother). My mom's trees were beautiful, they always had a theme and matching ornaments. Never a 'hodge-podge' tree, that was and still is unexceptable. I am not ashamed... I don't want a 'hodge-podge' tree in my home. My mom taught me to weave CLEAR lights in and out of every branch, insuring the the perfect glow.

As the gifts would start collecting under the tree we would sneak under the tree and peak at the name tags, careful to keep tally of how many gifts each of us had. If someone had more than the others, we would be devastated. I remember one night just not being able to take it any longer so when my parents went to bed I snuck into the family room, turned on the TV (careful to turn the volume down)for light, and sorted all of the gifts. Each year my parents would explain that Christmas would be tight and that they didn't want us to be disappointed. We never knew what they meant because come Christmas morning- our family room was packed with gifts galore!

Christmas brought fabulous family parties with Santa in attendance and don't forget the token family member that no-one wants to claim- come on you all have one or two or more...

Christmas was magical growing up and I want to thank my parents for that! It is our prayer that Christmas can be magical for you and your family. MERRY CHRISTMAS!



This year we opted for fake trees (because we forget to water the live trees and then 2 weeks before Christmas we can't turn on the lights). I decorated the tree in the sitting room while Matt and Kade put lights on the trees in the family room. To my surprise I was really o.k. with letting them do this. You have to know me... I am a control freak and have to have millions of clear lights weaved in and out of every branch. Not this year, the guys got the family room trees all to themselves. They did a pretty good job too, except they didn't put the new decorations on.

Our ward had a breakfast and entertainment this year. It was nice and they had a wonderful turn out. Matt and I used to be over the activities committee and know how much time, effort and work go into these. This years committee did a great job.

Kade (don't know what this face he is pulling is all about) & Jace patiently waiting for Santa.

Kade was darling telling Santa: "I would love: cowboy boots, cowboy hat, belt buckle, farm animals, Nintendo DS, Scooter and whatever else you think I need". YES WE HAVE A COWBOY FOR A SON, not sure where he came from.

After the party we headed home where my sister-in-law and parents came and helped with 'neighbor' gifts: chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate dipped peppermint sticks, chocolate dipped marshmallows, chocolate dipped cookies, you get the idea.

Then I made wooden stackables: the top was the snowman (seen above) that you stack on another piece of wood that says, 'let it snow'. They turned out darling!

We love Christmas! The feeling, the spirit, the reason for the season, the smells, the music, the food, friends and most importantly our family.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Gobble, Gobble, Shop

Happy Thanksgiving (LATE)

We had a wonderful day: slept in, Matt played football, I made pies, Kade played. This year we went to my mom and dads. The table was gorgeous, the company comforting, the food filling! Thanks mom and dad.

We are thankful for:

family health the gospel freedom job home education and more, and more...

Black Friday
Have you ever ventured out into this mess?
I used to every year... I LOVED IT. Not anymore, if I can get it online or pay a little more... I will. This year I hit the stores at 9 AM and got everything on my list. The people were kind, the store employees were helpful, and the other consumers were patient.