Thursday, December 18, 2008



This year we opted for fake trees (because we forget to water the live trees and then 2 weeks before Christmas we can't turn on the lights). I decorated the tree in the sitting room while Matt and Kade put lights on the trees in the family room. To my surprise I was really o.k. with letting them do this. You have to know me... I am a control freak and have to have millions of clear lights weaved in and out of every branch. Not this year, the guys got the family room trees all to themselves. They did a pretty good job too, except they didn't put the new decorations on.

Our ward had a breakfast and entertainment this year. It was nice and they had a wonderful turn out. Matt and I used to be over the activities committee and know how much time, effort and work go into these. This years committee did a great job.

Kade (don't know what this face he is pulling is all about) & Jace patiently waiting for Santa.

Kade was darling telling Santa: "I would love: cowboy boots, cowboy hat, belt buckle, farm animals, Nintendo DS, Scooter and whatever else you think I need". YES WE HAVE A COWBOY FOR A SON, not sure where he came from.

After the party we headed home where my sister-in-law and parents came and helped with 'neighbor' gifts: chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate dipped peppermint sticks, chocolate dipped marshmallows, chocolate dipped cookies, you get the idea.

Then I made wooden stackables: the top was the snowman (seen above) that you stack on another piece of wood that says, 'let it snow'. They turned out darling!

We love Christmas! The feeling, the spirit, the reason for the season, the smells, the music, the food, friends and most importantly our family.


landonclan said...

Looks so cute and festive! You always do such a great job!! I wish I was still your neighbor!!!!

Danielle Christiansen said...

Love the tree. I love your new family picture too. Come get your gift girl!

Lucrecia said...

I love your new family picture! You look so pretty!

Natalie said...

Can I have some of your energy and craftiness? So, I just told Jen this today but I was going through stuff and found old Christmas cards. One of them was from 2002. Oh my gosh, Kade has changed so much!

Rebecca said...

I love my stackable snowman craft that you made. It turned out excellent! You are the best. Can I hire you to help me next year?