Friday, January 2, 2009

3...2...1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Resolution #1: spend more time with family & friends
Resolution #2: slow down
Resolution #3: work on building food storage, first aid kit, financial reserve

Like every New Years we commit to being better people. Hopefully, this year with only 3 resolutions I can get there!

We had a great time bringing in the new year with family & friends (resolution #1 check). Every year we are thankful to my brothers family for graciously hosting a party! The house was full of great people that I would like to be more like, food that was aboundant, kids that were full of energy and excitement that they were getting to have a late night, and laughter-laughter-laughter! We played new games, ran out of time for the foos-ball/air hockey tournament and rang in the New Year with a pinata and fireworks!

Christmas Day

Like every Christmas we had to wake Kade up. He is a definitely his dad, stay up all night and sleep in all day. We needed to be at Grandpa & Grandma Smiths at 8AM, so finally at 7AM I made Kade get up. Did Santa come? YES, he did. We were so very blessed this year. Kade got: a DS/Case/4 games, Ford truck/trailer/boat/barn/animals, wooden log box with a secret compartment, digital camera, Yankees jersey, Broncos sweatshirt, COWBOY: boots, hat, belt & buckle, the list can go on and on. Matt got: a fire safe, battery charger, tools/tool bags/tool chest, HD flat screen tv, and more. I got: silverware, sheets, movies, connect 4, jewelry, digital frame, wii fit, and more. It was so much fun!

Grandma & Grandpa with some of the grandkids. Jerid and dad laughing histerically! Say cheese! Giddy Up, this drives Matt crAzY and I think it is great! What did he expect when we moved out to the sticks.

Christmas night we had my dad and Matt's brother over for dinner, gifts and Christmas Vacation.

The day after Christmas we spent the entire day with Matt's brothers and sisters. It was great seeing everyone. We don't get together as often as we should. We ate, played games, sled in Marc's back yard, opened gifts, and shared stories of Matt's dad.

There is nothing better than time with family!

Christmas Eve

Every year we celebrate Christmas Eve as a family. We have yummy food (this year it was home-made soups), crafts, a surprise from Santa and the nativity!

Karlee is getting 'big' and she insisted on applying the icing by herself. Jill was so patient and look how great the girl did!

Halle is a 'people pleaser' and had fun letting Grandma help her. Hers was definitely the most detailed and she had a great time giggling with Grandma.

Cael, is the 'I do it' kid. He was a blast to watch and wanted to eat it all. Cortney had to be quick at applying candy to the house or it would have been bare.

Kade was a creative genuious when he wanted to turn the malt balls into a snowman. Of course I had to hold the wibble wobble thing until the royal icing set up.

Next it was cookies for Santa. Karlee spent so much time getting the icing just so, we were laughing our heads off. She would get quite a bit then while spreading it she would push a little to hard and ended up shaving the cookies.

We felt bad that Jerid's family was not able to participate in the crafts but, they were there for Santa's annual suprise...PJ's.

I forgot what?

This year I was responsible for Kade's Christmas Class Party. We had several fun things to do and like me, at the last minute (literally) I added another craft for the kids to do. On my way to the school from work I stopped at our local grocery store, Macey's, to pick up the needed items for CANDY TRAINS. I made a mad dash home to load all 30+ gingerbread houses (that we made the night before) into my car and get to the school. Ah, take a deep breath... you made it! The kids were so excited and they were all ready for the party. They had made reindeer hats and they we incredible. While we (the other moms and I) were setting up, the kids settled down for a great Christmas story. WHAT THE _ _ _ _, are you kidding me? I didn't have all of the items I purchased for the trains. I called Macey's, they found the items and had someone drive them clear out to me! Who does that? My store, that's who!

The kids decorated the gingerbread houses, they all turned out GREAT! And, we had a super fun timed game where they were put into teams, given Christmas tree decorations and had to decorate one member from their team as a tree. It was hilarious and it is a great party pleasers for youngsters. I was so frazzled that I didn't get pictures of the trains, which the kids loved!