Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve

Every year we celebrate Christmas Eve as a family. We have yummy food (this year it was home-made soups), crafts, a surprise from Santa and the nativity!

Karlee is getting 'big' and she insisted on applying the icing by herself. Jill was so patient and look how great the girl did!

Halle is a 'people pleaser' and had fun letting Grandma help her. Hers was definitely the most detailed and she had a great time giggling with Grandma.

Cael, is the 'I do it' kid. He was a blast to watch and wanted to eat it all. Cortney had to be quick at applying candy to the house or it would have been bare.

Kade was a creative genuious when he wanted to turn the malt balls into a snowman. Of course I had to hold the wibble wobble thing until the royal icing set up.

Next it was cookies for Santa. Karlee spent so much time getting the icing just so, we were laughing our heads off. She would get quite a bit then while spreading it she would push a little to hard and ended up shaving the cookies.

We felt bad that Jerid's family was not able to participate in the crafts but, they were there for Santa's annual suprise...PJ's.