Friday, January 2, 2009

I forgot what?

This year I was responsible for Kade's Christmas Class Party. We had several fun things to do and like me, at the last minute (literally) I added another craft for the kids to do. On my way to the school from work I stopped at our local grocery store, Macey's, to pick up the needed items for CANDY TRAINS. I made a mad dash home to load all 30+ gingerbread houses (that we made the night before) into my car and get to the school. Ah, take a deep breath... you made it! The kids were so excited and they were all ready for the party. They had made reindeer hats and they we incredible. While we (the other moms and I) were setting up, the kids settled down for a great Christmas story. WHAT THE _ _ _ _, are you kidding me? I didn't have all of the items I purchased for the trains. I called Macey's, they found the items and had someone drive them clear out to me! Who does that? My store, that's who!

The kids decorated the gingerbread houses, they all turned out GREAT! And, we had a super fun timed game where they were put into teams, given Christmas tree decorations and had to decorate one member from their team as a tree. It was hilarious and it is a great party pleasers for youngsters. I was so frazzled that I didn't get pictures of the trains, which the kids loved!