Tuesday, June 9, 2009

calling all cars...

In the few short years we have lived in our small town we have had the police at our door step '5' times. crAzY, we are law abiding citizens and we think every encounter is commical:

1~Kade riding his motorbike around the block

2~parking our trailer on the road, it was sold and we were waiting for the new owner to pick it up

3~riding our 4 wheelers through the neighborhood, funning thing it was us but the neighbor that made the complaint told police that it was our little next door neighbors that were 6 and 4.

4~I locked my keys (and the spare) in my car and needed help, only in a small town will the Cheif of Police come to your home to assist in opening your car

5~last but not least and certainly the best story:

In May I was helping my dad paint his new office while Kade was in school. One morning I sent Kade off to school, put on my painting clothes and my favorite Red Sox hat and heading off to Provo. Fast forward to 3:20 PM, I pulled in the garage, came in the house, saw that Kade beat me home, yelled "hello", sat down at the island and proceeded to go through our mail. About 10 minutes goes by and the next thing I hear was my front door slamming shut. I yelled 'hello' again and got no response. Then I starting thinking perhaps it wasn't shut tight and the wind blew it but, no wind. Then I thought maybe Kade and a friend came running in, as I was getting up to go check it out the phone rang. It was Matt asking if I knew where Kade was (I am thinking weird), I told him that I didn't and that I was just going to look for him. He starts to tell me that Kade is at the next door neighbors because he got scared. During our conversation I am walking out the garage and see a histerical Kade, my neighbor and her kids and wouldn't you know it, a police officer.

Here is Kade's side of the story: he came home from school, got a snack and went into my bedroom to watch a cartoon. He hears the barstool slide out, but doesn't know I am home. He sneaks out and peeks into the kitchen to see who it is. All he can see is a blue hat and khaki pants. He tip-toes back into my bedroom to call his dad. Matt tells him to get out of the house and go straight to the neighbors. Kade sneaks to the front door, slowly opens it, and while he is tearing out of the house he slams the door shut. He runs to the neighbors bawling his eyes out. She calls the police and within two minutes they are at her doorstep questioning Kade and getting ready to come to my house when I walk out.

The office and neighbor both tell me that Kade discribed me to a "T", saying that I was in my 20's (thank you little man), khaki pants, blue hat, sitting at the island eating. hee hee The officer got down on one knee trying to console Kade and telling him that he did exactly as he should have and that he was proud of Kade for getting out of the house.

Kade asked why I was wearing a hat, 'because mom you never wear hats'.


Danielle Christiansen said...

oh my gosh how funny. The police are going to know you by heart. You better send a Christmas card

Lydia said...

That is a good one.

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh, so funny. Poor kade for being so scared.

Kami said...

ha ha. So funny! How are you doing cute little lady? We need to get together for lunch sometime and catch up. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Jess! I so needed this laugh today! That is awesome! :)

Brittanie said...

WOW - good for him. I think my kids would have probably gone and ate with the intruder. What a good story.

Sarah Ward said...

OH I just laughed my head off!! Thanks for sharing that story.
I think everyone in the neighborhood that has a bike or 4-wheeler has had the police called on them. We had our turn just a few days agao.

Bruce Polly Billings said...

I'm still laughing out loud. Thanks please post more police stories.