Wednesday, July 29, 2009

O.K. so I still can't firgure out how to down load the pictures from our new camera so I have refused to blog about our daily lives. What fun is that without pics? We are still in the world, we are still living in the same (fabulous) house, driving the same (awesome) vehicles, still busy-busy-busy!

Kade made an Excellerated Baseball (GO RENEGADES) team and we lived at the ball park the end of Spring first of Summer. He practiced 4-5 hours a week and had double headers every Saturday. I loved it! There is nothing better in the Spring than: the feel of a cool breeze, the smell of freshly cut grass, the sight of red dirt stained baseball pants, the taste of sunflower seeds (only David Early for me). I love watching Kade get amped for every game, hit the ball, steal bases, laugh with newly made friends, cherish his uniform, admire his coaches, get excited when his dad comes home so that they can head over to the ball fields to hit balls (even though he has 2-3 practices a week). He is the ALL AMERICAN KID! His new nickname is WHEELS, the kids is so fast. His position is CENTER FIELD because he can make it to left or right before the ball, he can steal any base any time.

Kade ran in the school Hershey Track race and placed 1st in the 50m and 100m. The new HS track coach wanted him on the city track team but the practices and meets were the same time and days as baseball so we graciously declined. Kade was very disappointed. Hershey Track District Invitational, that's correct, he was invited to the regional track meet at Provo HS. He took 3rd in the 50m and 6th in the 100m. We were so proud of him! He was an alternate for State but we were in Yellowstone so we were not able to attend. Can you say WHEELS?

We vacationed in Yellowstone seeing: bald eagles and young, a cinnamon grizzly, a black bear, elk-elk-elk, bison-bison-bison (young calfs trying to cautiously walk across the street was hilarious and darling), geysers, gorgeous thick pines, wolves, cranes, geese, water falls, crAzY foriegners (they I am certain thought the same about us), old faithful, amish (yes amish. Kade is obsessed with Weird Al's song Amish Paradise... so when we arrived at Old Faithful and Matt saw an elderly Amish couple he just couldn't wait to point them out to Kade. Even funnier-Kade didn't know what Amish people looked like so the joke was on Matt), lions-tigers and bears oh my. We rode an 8 seater bike. It was hilarious and the adults were sore the next morning packing all of the kids on the bike. We were a sight. I became a professional photographer at the 'YELLOWSTONE' sign just before entering the park. We stopped to get our own picture and while waiting for the rest of our group to join I ended up taking group photos of every vehicle that stopped to do the same. Matt laughed his head off.

We have lived in the mountains this summer; camping in our new trailer, fishing, hiking, riding hundreds of miles on the 4 wheelers, eating yummy treats, staying up all night playing card games and watching movies, and laughing our heads off- yes off.

Matt works with a wonderful Pharmacist who has a gorgeous garden and asked if we could come pick raspberries- could we??? Oh YES! I have been twice now and made 4 batches of jam. They are beautiful- red, ripe, sweet, lushous, beautiful, mouthwatering yummy.

I have been busy getting all arrangements needed finalized for our cities Children's Parade - which I happily/excitedly accepted to chair again this year. I can hardly wait! We are NOT doing it around our little knoll at the pond. We are actually having a PARADE- cheerleaders from our new HS, football players from our new HS, the cities youth council, a fire-truck, an ambulance, police, BACA motorcycles, kids-kids-kids. I am so excited. If you want to support us, know what city I am talking about... then come. We have the best city days EVER! Our fireworks ROCK, they are better than Stadium of Fire hands down.

We are currently packing, baking, cleaning (I NEVER leave without my home in order for vaca), shopping for our next trip... BEAR LAKE here we come. We go every year, with the exception of 1 year for the past 12 years. How can you not go, how can you not love the beaches, the HOT blistering sun, the freezing cold water, the yummy hamburger joints that sell their famous raspberry shakes. We are hoping to find the caves and do some exploring.
This is where we stay every year... Ideal Beach!
This is the view coming out of the canyon heading to Bear Lake... why we love it so!
We are also ramping up to play co-ed softball. I am so excited to break in my new cleats that my boys gave me for mothers day (only wish they were pink) and my new softball mit. Go Blue-Sox!