Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas

you would think i would have my blogging act together:

i only work 20-24 hours a week and clean. plus, i still have not figured out how to use my 'new' (yes, the one i got last year) camera, lost more weight than i have, finished 'gutting' my basement, and completed my dining room set project. but NO!

instead i have been: carting kade around town, helping at the school, volunteering in the
community, trying new recipes, making great fun finds (if i can get my camera figured out i will post pics), catching up on all of the movies i haven't seen, eating bon bons, watching days of our lives, napping, brushing up on my triple axel, refining the 6 languages i speak fluently, and preparing for the 2010 canadian olympics (watch for me).

we have had a very enjoyable 2009, some of our highlights were:

1) kade turned double digits- the big 10
2) matt re-certified as a Pharm Tech.
3) jesicca found a job that she loves
4) we did a lot of camping and 4 wheeling throughout utah this year (we love this great state)
5) yellowstone was a hit
6) bear lake was an even bigger hit
7) matt didn't bag the big one on the hunts (sad for matt, biggest hit for jesicca)

kade's not sure he is excited about christmas. what to do... however, i have noticed that as the days draw nearer kade is asking more questions like:

1) how many more days?
2) what do you think you are getting?
3) i bought you something and if you tell me what you have for me i will tell you what i have for you.
4) are you sure i can't ask santa for a 22? i know you and dad aren't getting me one because you think kids my age aren't old enough or responsible enough (breath... he isn't getting a 22)
5) how many days do i have off for christmas break?
6) holy schmoly - there are more believe me!

during kade's christmas break we are hoping to: do some sledding, see all of the great box office hits, stay in our jammies all day, play with our new toys, put all of our christmas decor away for another year (sad- i am certain clark griswald won't be around for the clean up), relax, and play-play-play!

merry christmas! we love you all so very much and hope you have a fantabulous christmas with your loved ones.


[Morgan] said...

you've had a GREAT year it sounds.
i've missed your blog:)

and, days of our lives? man. can we just end the nicole, baby, sami, ej, stefano bit already and move on to something else. give us serial killer or something! ha ha.

have a great christmas jess!

Kami said...

I love Days too!! Glad to see you back to blogging! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

Kennen said...

So glad to see an update on your blog! Days of our lives, really? Is that still on? Love you guys. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

Speedys said...

Glad to see your back in the blogging world you have been missed! Hope you have a great 2010!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you have had a great year and a great Christmas. Now we have 2010 to look forward to. Thank you for my present. You are too sweet. Gina says thank you too!