Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What do you remember about Christmas growing up?

When I think back on my past Christmas experiences growing up I often wonder what Kade will remember about his.

Mine were:
1) Dad telling us EVERY YEAR, 'I hope you kids aren't too disappointed'- really dad? He still says this. This year was classic. He retires TOMORROW (yeah) so he went all out! He is taking my mom to Hawaii for a whole week in Feb. I wrapped a grass skirt and the tickets in a box. When he handed the gift to her he said (you guessed it), 'I hope you aren't too disappointed'. We laughed and made fun of him the rest of the day! Classic, silly dad- oh how we love you.

2) I couldn't ever figure out why mom and dad were constantly going out the trailer (our camping trailer) in November and December until I got older (Duh, that is where the gifts were hidden).

3) Christmas morning was MAGICAL, the family room was packed with gifts. We each had a designated spot on the couch with our stocking and clothes.

4) I remember getting a real Cabbage Patch doll (not the homemade one) and as I was walking down the hallway my dad said, 'one of these years your mom is going to have to talk to you about babies'. REALLY DAD, SICK!

5) One year I got to go with my parents and pick out a BOOM BOX. I was so excited. It was huge, it covered most of my dresser top, the speakers on the sides were detachable. It was awesome and grossly huge and I loved it. It had two tape players so I could record from one tape to the next and I could even record straight from the radio station. I was so cool.

6) Another year I desperately wanted a ten speed bike. I could hardly stand the wait. When what to my eyes did appear on Christmas morning... NO BIKE. That was until we were all finished unwrapping and my parents told me to go look out the back door. There it was my shiny new ten speed! I was so excited until it sunk in that it was BROWN. Who buys their precious princess a brown bike?

7) Santa wrapped EVERYTHING, as he should. Seriously, he has a million and twelve elves. Wrap it all I say.

8) Every year we would begrudgingly load into the family car and drive all over town looking at lights. This was before the light festivals where you pull up, pay your five bucks, and drive around the park. We drove ALL OVER town. Mom loved it, we hated it. But, silly us... we go see the lights every year (at the park).

9) Every year we opened one gift (mom picked it) and every year it was new jammies.

10) Every year we each got our own bag of Oreo cookies.

11) I never remember a Christmas that wasn't amazing, magical, special, cherished.


Here is what I invision Kade remembering:
1) He always got what he asked for except that year he was ten (this year) and he asked for a 22 and didn't get one.

2) He had a designated spot on the couch for his stocking.

3) Every year he got a Naked and Jones drink and a box of chocolate orange sticks.

4) He never woke up early, Mom would wake him up and he would beg for just 5 more minutes (he is so his dad).

5) He not only put out milk and cookies for Santa but, carrot sticks for the reindeer.

6) Every year he got one gift on Christmas Eve and it was jammies.

7) He didn't have a fireplace so he would have to place 'special-huge-magical' keys on the front door step for Santa.

8) Every year on Christmas morning after opening gifts from Santa we would load into the car and go to G'pa and G'ma Smith's for breakfast and more gifts with the whole family.

9) Santa wrapped EVERYTHING, as he should. Seriously, he has a million and twelve elves. Wrap it all!

10) Christmas is magical!

Our family hopes your family has fun cherished memories like ours does.


Natalie said...

I love all your memories of Christmas! I have many and mine were magical too. But mostly I remember Christmas Eve parties at my parents with all my siblings and their kids. Still do this every year and still look forward to it. Oh my gosh on #1 how exciting! I didn't know he was retiring. Awesome!

Colett (*.*) said...

oh you were so spoiled, I had to settle for the homemade cabbage patch kid! Merry Christmas Kallas family!

[Morgan] said...

HA! I never could figure out why the closet under the stairs was locked only throughout November and December:)

I think I mostly remember trying SO hard to fall asleep and laying in bed for what felt like hours on Christmas Eve.

There was the year of the 3 story barbie house, with a barbie jeep that pulled jet skis, a barbie pool, a baby alive, a doll stroller and much more. that was a big year. santa must have gotten a bonus.

Mostly, I remember how happy everyone was on Christmas. My parents were light and never got mad and everyone was just in a good mood:)

Merry Christmas Jess!

Danielle Christiansen said...

always Christmas eve snacking and gift opening at my parents.And going to look at everyones Christmas lights