Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 family photos

my darling cousin ciji took our family pictures!
she did an amazing job.
she took about 350 of just my little family (here are only a few)...

my little man, isn't so little anymore.
i look at these and want to cry, he is so handsome and so grown up.

unfortunately our younger brother overslept and missed out.

ciji, has the magic touch.
she caught my dad as i see him...
i love and adore my dad!
thank you ciji

and let's not forget...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

P-R-O-V-O '90

i must say, we had the BEST graduating class ever!
walking into the halls our 9th grade year was overwhelming...
where is my locker?
where are my classes?
will i remember my locker combo?
what is the rating system in main hall every time i walk through?
walking into the halls our 10th grade year was comfortable...
where is my locker?
yes, i will remember my locker combo
let's switch classes around to be with friends
i hope my rating number in main hall is good
walking into the halls our 11th grade year was easy breezy...
my locker better be closer to main hall, if not in main hall?
i better get the aid asst. 'classes' (office aid with Mrs. Diedrich)
main hall... rating system... hi boys... very funny
walking into the halls our 12th grade year was exhilerating...
we have made it!
my locker IS in main hall
main hall... rating system... hi boys... you think you are so funny making little girls cry
i loved having our class '90 get kicked out of byu due to an egging incident with THS
i NEVER ate a school lunch, only used the cafeteria to cut through for art class
i loved giving the spelling tests for Mr. Rutter so that i didn't have to take them
i loved the rivalry between schools
i loved high school games
i loved peer counseling
i loved beating THS
i loved bamboo hut
i loved my vw bug
i loved drivers ed
i loved socializing
i loved boys
the late 80's early 90's were:
cassette tapes
pegged pants
polo shirts
pretty in pink
sixteen candles
nightmare on elm street
depeche mode
bon jovi
bobby brown
the palace
sneaking out
sneaking out and getting caught
driving all over town finding 'guys'
begging mom for money
we just celebrated out 20 year reunion!
kick off was a luncheon... thanks Emilee... thanks los hermanos
i must admit i was NERVOUS walking in
what will they think of me?
what do they remember about me?
will i be the only fat one?
it was amazing!
everyone was gracious and lovely
we all have lives that have made us who we are and we all seem content (just as life should be)
we wish everyone could have been there!
hopefully next year

next stop... the grand celebration with everyone~
driving solo i was nervous
parking solo i was nervous
walking up solo i was nervous
did i mention i was nervous?

i felt like molly ringwald in pretty in pink walking into her prom alone...
although there were a few differences:
i wasn't wearing a pink dress that i made out of rags
i wasn't carrying a tiny clutch around my wrist
i hadn't been sobbing over the boy of my dreams
ducky wasn't there
'if you leave' wasn't playing in the background
it wasn't raining
but, put all of that aside and it was just like pretty in pink

we have aged...
some better than others
some are married
some are single
some are parents
some are not parents
some have what society would say are amazing careers
some not so much
but, put us together and who cares!
we love each other
we formed our early lives together
we formed bonds that no one can take away
we are a family of sorts
and i for one love these people!

me, emilee, joseph, rachel

sharell, me, rachel, jason (rach's hubby), joseph, becky

becky (holding her boob???), me
the party began at 5 and i didn't get home until after midnight.
i miss these great people already
can't wait for our 25!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hike to the BIG tree

have i ever mentioned that i LOVE my 'job'?
not sure you can call it that with all of the fun things we do and see!
yesterday for those 10 and older they were able to see one of the wonders of our little town
an 18' wide tree
you have to go through private property and it just so happens that one of my bosses has access
lucky kiddo's
after packing the lunches that were provided by gandolfo's,
loading vehicles,
clicking seatbelts,
they were off!

a little pre-hike rules and conduct pep talk...
steep grade
take your time
drink plenty of water
stay on the trail
respect nature
respect one another

the kids made it in time at all
the adults thought they were going to pass out
some wanted to rest half way up-
suggesting that the group pick them up on their way back down (hehehe)

looking up you can't tell just how big it is, or how wide!

kade (brown t shirt & hat) and some of his friends thought they would wrap their little arms around it
funny... they couldn't do it solo
it took 5 kiddo's

the kids had a blast and kade can hardly wait to take us!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

new life...

after baseball and camping this weekend we came home and thought it was time to:
pull weeds, trim bushes, and spray webs off the house.

while i was spraying the front porch down i found two of these little guys building a mud nest...

(photo courtesy of: Doubting to Shou)

no no little birdies...
this morning when I was leaving for my walk they were perched on our rain gutters and boy oh boy are they MAD!
matt thinks it is so funny.

wouldn't you know it...
i decided to sit on the porch while sorting our mail
i hear tweets
i see mud spots on my porch
i look up and...
they're back!
they have built their home again
i think it would be GREAT if they lay eggs and have little babies

i love birds

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

next stop...summer

who are the crAzY people here in utah that say, 'there is nothing to do'? i tell them... coo coo! there is soooo much to do and see here!

These are just a few of the things our family has planned:

kids tri-athlon
children's art show

freedom days
ball tournaments
milestones of freedom
swim lessons

family reunions
bear lake
hike to the big tree
sports camps
movies in the park
class reunion
farmers market

childrens parade
demolition derby
pottery class

castle rock
ghost towns
air show

maybe you can get inspired to plan some fun things for your family!

happy summer

Thursday, May 13, 2010

literally drained...

for 4 days this is where i have lived...

not because I wanted too, our home has been hit with the flu bug!

boy did it come with a vengance!

nice cold tile against my fevering cheek

nice cold clothes against my fevering forehead

nice cold ice chips washing the 'junk' out of my mouth

oh, how i loved the cold

then came the cold sweats...

nice warm socks

nice warm down comforter

nice hot bath

oh, how i loved the warmth

now we are on the mend:

chicken soup




peace and quiet



shoo bug don't bother me -shoo bug don't bother my family -shoo bug shoo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

B-A-T-T-L-E... battle baby battle

chalked fields
fresh cut grass
red dirt stains on uniforms
plastic wheels on bat bags rolling across the dugout
umpires screaming S-S-S-T-R-R-R-I-I-I-I-I-K-E
metal cleets scraping pavement
blankets on bleachers
sunflower seeds
birds chirping


photo courtesy of: Jonathan Owens
we have such a great baseball team...
sc slam

the boys are having a 'ball' in all of the tournaments...
st. george
up next...
memorial day


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Biggest Loser

I feel that I am the biggest loser.
I have gained year after year and can't picture the girl in the mirror anymore.
I have known that year after the year I am getting larger.
I see it in the photos.
I see it in the size of clothes I launder.
However, I don't believe it is me, I don't want to believe it is me.
For you that don't struggle with weight you are thinking, 'WHATEVER!', this is my story.

I used to let it hold me back (still in a small way I do).
Then I heard one of my Aunt's say something like, 'I am not going to let my weight stop me from enjoying life'.
Well, I love even adore this aunt.
So, wanting to be like her... I allowed this to be my excuse.
I have a dear lady that I have always wanted to aspire to and she is 'fluffy'.
She is kind, educated, funny, adores her family, has an amazing testimony.
She always appears to be happy and living life to the fullest.
I allowed this to be another excuse.
My Grandma Suzy, whom I only had the opportunity to meet a couple of times was a 'fluffy' woman.
I joked (and still do) that it isn't fair that I was 'blessed' with her genes.
I hide behind the jokes that I impose assuming that if everyone is thinking it-
I will beat them to the punch and make fun of myself before they do.
Things like, 'I live in UT so I need the extra layers for the winter months to stay warm'.

My husband is so dear, what a blessing he has been to me for so many more reasons than loving me no matter my size but, I apologize to him.
I was little when we married.
I was cute.
He tells me to 'stop it'.
He has never said anything to make me feel less than.
Thank you Mr. Man.
I don't know that I could be so kind.

So here I go.
I weigh 50 pounds more than I did nine months pregnant ten years ago.

I am reduced to shopping in only a number of stores.
During Christmas when I was out making purchases I would find yummy clothes.
None were close to my size.
I would walk in acting as though I was looking for a gift for someone,
then when I thought no one was watching I would quickly look for something in my size... NOTHING!
I was reduced to buying jewelry, shoes, bags, etc.
They don't make cute clothes for fat girls.
I would joke with the sales clerks, telling them that they had darling stuff but that they needed to hire me as a buyer so that they would carry a 'larger' selection of sizes.
They always laughed and told me 'You are funny and darling'!
Silly girls that are probably old enough (almost) to be my daughters, with their toothpick legs and arms, butts that you need a magnifying glass to see and hair to their waste.
I hate those girls.
OK so maybe I don't.

I love babies.
When holding them, they always fall asleep.
I say that babies are more comfortable snuggling when a stick isn't holding them.

Why I am writing this? I don't know.
I have a treadmill.
I have work out dvd's...
Power 90
Biggest Loser
I have great neighbors that walk.
I have the opportunity to take Zumba for FREE.
I have done WW twice (loved it both times).

I always find a reason for not doing what I need too.
I have errands that need to be done before school is out.
I can't get up that early.
I will start next week.
The Holidays are just around the corner.
This list can go
on and
on and
on and

I hate eating breakfast (I know I need to).
I often miss lunch unless Kade is home.
I don't drink water like I should.
I find myself snacking a lot.
Then making a large dinner.

Every year I think if only I would have taken control earlier I would look darling.
Well, another summer is approaching.
My 20 year class reunion is quickly approaching and I don't want to be the qliche.
There are the ones that bald, wrinkle, get fat, etc.
If they line us up by looks I will be in the fat category.
Oh my, what if they do that?
I will have to stand front and center.

Am I going to allow myself to continue on this path?
Do I really want early onset of diabetis, heart disease, joint problems, etc?
What is it going to take?
How many more excuses can I find/make?
There is a saying that being thin feels better than food tastes.
Is it true?
I love GOOD food.
I love eating out.
I love the social aspect of food.
It brings everyone together.
Date night
Girls Night

I need to seriously reconsider the example that I am for my family.
I need to seriously reconsider the health factors.
I need to seriously do something NOW!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lastest Movies

Great Chic Flick! We planned a girls day out: lunch and a movie. What a blast (we missed those that couldn't make it). Loved Amy Adams in the movie (her family lives out by us), her character was great and we all found something about her to connect with. Matthew Goode was a Hot, Hot, Hottie. Witty, blunt, gentle, longsuffering are just a few words that come to mind when thinking of him as Declan. Now as for Adam Scott, his head is too big for his body. He was a creep and what a perfect loser he played.

If you haven't seen this box office hit then you are missing out! It was fabulous. GREAT ONE LINERS... 'How did that taste coming out of your mouth?' 'Like vinegar'.
Sandra Bullock hit it right on the head. She was so believable that we all forgot it was her.
She played an amazing Leigh Anne Touhy.

Disney is back!
This was a hit! My parents took all of the grandkids to see this.
It kept everyones attention (ages 3-58).
The animation was terrific, the characters were hilarious, and the music was fabulous.
Popcorn $5
Soda $4

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hAppY bIrthdAY!

My dear sweet Great Uncle Harold just celebrated his... (drum roll)

100th birthday

Along with celebrating with him on this special day we were there to witness UVU President Holland presenting our sweet uncle with a plaque for being the oldest living graduate of the college. What an honor! We love you Uncle Harold.