Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lastest Movies

Great Chic Flick! We planned a girls day out: lunch and a movie. What a blast (we missed those that couldn't make it). Loved Amy Adams in the movie (her family lives out by us), her character was great and we all found something about her to connect with. Matthew Goode was a Hot, Hot, Hottie. Witty, blunt, gentle, longsuffering are just a few words that come to mind when thinking of him as Declan. Now as for Adam Scott, his head is too big for his body. He was a creep and what a perfect loser he played.

If you haven't seen this box office hit then you are missing out! It was fabulous. GREAT ONE LINERS... 'How did that taste coming out of your mouth?' 'Like vinegar'.
Sandra Bullock hit it right on the head. She was so believable that we all forgot it was her.
She played an amazing Leigh Anne Touhy.

Disney is back!
This was a hit! My parents took all of the grandkids to see this.
It kept everyones attention (ages 3-58).
The animation was terrific, the characters were hilarious, and the music was fabulous.
Popcorn $5
Soda $4

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hAppY bIrthdAY!

My dear sweet Great Uncle Harold just celebrated his... (drum roll)

100th birthday

Along with celebrating with him on this special day we were there to witness UVU President Holland presenting our sweet uncle with a plaque for being the oldest living graduate of the college. What an honor! We love you Uncle Harold.