Thursday, May 13, 2010

literally drained...

for 4 days this is where i have lived...

not because I wanted too, our home has been hit with the flu bug!

boy did it come with a vengance!

nice cold tile against my fevering cheek

nice cold clothes against my fevering forehead

nice cold ice chips washing the 'junk' out of my mouth

oh, how i loved the cold

then came the cold sweats...

nice warm socks

nice warm down comforter

nice hot bath

oh, how i loved the warmth

now we are on the mend:

chicken soup




peace and quiet



shoo bug don't bother me -shoo bug don't bother my family -shoo bug shoo


The Beck's said...

You have a beautiful tub. I wish our tub was that nice.
Come visit us when you are all better. Enjoy the heat and the pool all at once. Dave

Danielle Christiansen said...

did you redo your bathroom? that doesnt look like yours to me. So sorry to hear you guys have been sick. Hope you are all well now.