Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hike to the BIG tree

have i ever mentioned that i LOVE my 'job'?
not sure you can call it that with all of the fun things we do and see!
yesterday for those 10 and older they were able to see one of the wonders of our little town
an 18' wide tree
you have to go through private property and it just so happens that one of my bosses has access
lucky kiddo's
after packing the lunches that were provided by gandolfo's,
loading vehicles,
clicking seatbelts,
they were off!

a little pre-hike rules and conduct pep talk...
steep grade
take your time
drink plenty of water
stay on the trail
respect nature
respect one another

the kids made it in time at all
the adults thought they were going to pass out
some wanted to rest half way up-
suggesting that the group pick them up on their way back down (hehehe)

looking up you can't tell just how big it is, or how wide!

kade (brown t shirt & hat) and some of his friends thought they would wrap their little arms around it
funny... they couldn't do it solo
it took 5 kiddo's

the kids had a blast and kade can hardly wait to take us!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

new life...

after baseball and camping this weekend we came home and thought it was time to:
pull weeds, trim bushes, and spray webs off the house.

while i was spraying the front porch down i found two of these little guys building a mud nest...

(photo courtesy of: Doubting to Shou)

no no little birdies...
this morning when I was leaving for my walk they were perched on our rain gutters and boy oh boy are they MAD!
matt thinks it is so funny.

wouldn't you know it...
i decided to sit on the porch while sorting our mail
i hear tweets
i see mud spots on my porch
i look up and...
they're back!
they have built their home again
i think it would be GREAT if they lay eggs and have little babies

i love birds