Tuesday, June 1, 2010

new life...

after baseball and camping this weekend we came home and thought it was time to:
pull weeds, trim bushes, and spray webs off the house.

while i was spraying the front porch down i found two of these little guys building a mud nest...

(photo courtesy of: Doubting to Shou)

no no little birdies...
this morning when I was leaving for my walk they were perched on our rain gutters and boy oh boy are they MAD!
matt thinks it is so funny.

wouldn't you know it...
i decided to sit on the porch while sorting our mail
i hear tweets
i see mud spots on my porch
i look up and...
they're back!
they have built their home again
i think it would be GREAT if they lay eggs and have little babies

i love birds


Danielle Christiansen said...

nothing better than hearing the cherping birdies.Thanks for your visit. it was good to see you guys.