Wednesday, July 7, 2010

P-R-O-V-O '90

i must say, we had the BEST graduating class ever!
walking into the halls our 9th grade year was overwhelming...
where is my locker?
where are my classes?
will i remember my locker combo?
what is the rating system in main hall every time i walk through?
walking into the halls our 10th grade year was comfortable...
where is my locker?
yes, i will remember my locker combo
let's switch classes around to be with friends
i hope my rating number in main hall is good
walking into the halls our 11th grade year was easy breezy...
my locker better be closer to main hall, if not in main hall?
i better get the aid asst. 'classes' (office aid with Mrs. Diedrich)
main hall... rating system... hi boys... very funny
walking into the halls our 12th grade year was exhilerating...
we have made it!
my locker IS in main hall
main hall... rating system... hi boys... you think you are so funny making little girls cry
i loved having our class '90 get kicked out of byu due to an egging incident with THS
i NEVER ate a school lunch, only used the cafeteria to cut through for art class
i loved giving the spelling tests for Mr. Rutter so that i didn't have to take them
i loved the rivalry between schools
i loved high school games
i loved peer counseling
i loved beating THS
i loved bamboo hut
i loved my vw bug
i loved drivers ed
i loved socializing
i loved boys
the late 80's early 90's were:
cassette tapes
pegged pants
polo shirts
pretty in pink
sixteen candles
nightmare on elm street
depeche mode
bon jovi
bobby brown
the palace
sneaking out
sneaking out and getting caught
driving all over town finding 'guys'
begging mom for money
we just celebrated out 20 year reunion!
kick off was a luncheon... thanks Emilee... thanks los hermanos
i must admit i was NERVOUS walking in
what will they think of me?
what do they remember about me?
will i be the only fat one?
it was amazing!
everyone was gracious and lovely
we all have lives that have made us who we are and we all seem content (just as life should be)
we wish everyone could have been there!
hopefully next year

next stop... the grand celebration with everyone~
driving solo i was nervous
parking solo i was nervous
walking up solo i was nervous
did i mention i was nervous?

i felt like molly ringwald in pretty in pink walking into her prom alone...
although there were a few differences:
i wasn't wearing a pink dress that i made out of rags
i wasn't carrying a tiny clutch around my wrist
i hadn't been sobbing over the boy of my dreams
ducky wasn't there
'if you leave' wasn't playing in the background
it wasn't raining
but, put all of that aside and it was just like pretty in pink

we have aged...
some better than others
some are married
some are single
some are parents
some are not parents
some have what society would say are amazing careers
some not so much
but, put us together and who cares!
we love each other
we formed our early lives together
we formed bonds that no one can take away
we are a family of sorts
and i for one love these people!

me, emilee, joseph, rachel

sharell, me, rachel, jason (rach's hubby), joseph, becky

becky (holding her boob???), me
the party began at 5 and i didn't get home until after midnight.
i miss these great people already
can't wait for our 25!