Sunday, December 18, 2011

deck the halls... room 3

christmas times for dreaming
thoughts of long ago
holidays of childhood
memories all aglow
-alice kennelly roberts

i love our tree in the family room. at night when the tree is lit we turn all other lights off and enjoy the glisten, the glitter, the peace. i used huge ornaments this year. the santa's are 12" high, the glitter gifts are 10" square, the bulbs are 6 and 8" round. it is glorious at night.

twas the night before christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. when, what to my eyes should appear, but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer, with a little old driver, so lively and quick, i knew in a moment it must be st. nick... his eyes how they twinkled! his dimples how merry! his cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!

we must not forget about frosty the snowman, he was a jolly happy soul
with a corn cob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal. he was a fairy tale they say but, we all know how he came to life one day, there must have been some magic in that old silk cap they found, for when they placed it on his head he began to dance around...
i have a love for glass ornaments and in the past couple of years i have been collecting and studying them. i love how they vary in size, weight, glisten, and history.

deck the halls... room 2

i have a table in my dining/kitchen and each year i add two- four foot trees to it. this year i wanted to do a little more to add 'me' to the trees so i dug up two of my old crocks from downstairs and stuffed my darling trees into them- vwa laa!

my darling, talented, and giving mom made me the standing santa and he had to be front and center this year. everyone that stops by ohs and ahs over him. they all ask where i purchased him and i proudly state, my mom made him for me.

funny thing... this summer my mom and had a yard sale and sold boxes of elves. then wouldn't you know it, i found myself downstairs in my christmas stash digging for the elves i knew i had. luckly i saved two...

deck the halls... room 1

growing up i always wanted to help my mom decorate for the holidays but, it was an unwritten law at our home that you can watch my mom decorate but, never touch. we always had the most gorgeous tree in all the land, thus santa made his stop in our town at our home first, naturally... while other children were snug in their beds dreaming of sugar plum fairies, i was snug in my bed dreaming for daylight and waiting for the moment my mom would leave for work so that i could move a few ornaments here and there. i don't know if she ever knew what i was up to but, nevertheless, i did move some! now that i am mommy and have a house of my own i always vowed that i would let my little one help. i used too, then when he was snug in his bed i would arrange the ornaments to my liking. he caught me once, we still joke about it. now he knows that we too have an unwritten law... you can watch but must not touch.

this holiday season we have four trees decorated and setting the festive mood for santa. first up, the tree in the living room, my room, my sanctuary, my little piece of heaven room.

this tree is covered in jewel tones of: gold, copper, silver and huge red poinsettias. i love and use huge ornaments. i cram them in every nook and cranny. matt teases that i don't need a tree because you can't even see it. and the glitter! i love it (however, i will be vacuuming and mopping it up for the next six months).

every home needs a nativity i firmly believe. afterall this is what the season is about: the birth of our lord and savior, redeemer of the world, brother, comforter. i am thankful for all that the savior has done for me personally and my sweet family. i am thankful that at this time of year in general people are more compassionate, people are kind, people look for the good in mankind. i am thankful for christmas music and the feeling of comfort and peace it brings. i am thankful for the spirit of truth in little ones eyes. i am thankful for the season! i love this nativity, little hands gently move the pieces to the places they think they should be. tonight after a family party i found that once again everyone was moved, and it warms my heart.

last but not least in this room is my door. this door is a treasure, it belonged to a loving family member, then a loving friend who thoughtfully gifted it to me. it has a special place in my room and thus gets decorated each christmas.

corrosiveness of soda...

so you find yourself in 6th grade and facing a dilema... the dreaded science fair projects. never fear, look to your family and see what the majority enjoy, then turn that into your project! kade's uncle needs to be hooked up to a pepsi iv, kade's grandma can't live without her dt. coke, kade's dad thinks he has to have a mt. dew once a day (we get to hear about the miserable 'sunday' headaches if he doesn't make a pit stop saturday night), his aunt is a closet soda drinker (you know who you are... hehehe), the list can go on and on. i don't typically buy soda and have personally not had caffeine in over 10 years (yes, I am a hero), so dad had to bring home the required soft drinks and brand new pennies.

step one...

coca cola, mt. dew, orange shasta, and (my favorite) sprite

step two...

step three...

step four...

step five... and the conclusion
poster, written report (forgot to take photos but, they were awesome). coca cola was the absolute most corrosive and if it can do what it did to a penny in one weeks time, well good luck to your guts. when kade came home from school the day of the final judging i asked how it went... kade's exact words, 'my judge was a girl and she was hot!' so glad we invested 2 1/2 plus weeks into the project and that is what he got out of it. his dad was so proud.

Friday, November 18, 2011

as much as i hate hunting...

as much as i hate hunting i love my boys and spending time with them. when we left the house it was snowing when we arrived at camp there was a foot of snow and no sign of letting up. however, the next mornging we woke up to glorious sunshine, unfortunately, it wasn't warm. the group hunted and i stayed in the trailer with the heat on. i read 3 books, watched movies, made jewelry, listened to music, it was bliss!

my handsome hubby holding 2 sad birds

my darling mighty hunter holding 2 sad birds

who is he?

he is 11, he is almost as tall as i am, he walks just like his dad, he has my coloring, he has his dad's manorisms, he is hilarious, he makes friends easily, he is a leader, he is determined, he loves sports, he adores animals, he is spiritual, he hates smiling in photos, he relies on prayer, he loves music, he loves del taco hard shell tacos, he loves playing night games, he sets the example in our home, he hates contention, he loves staying up late and sleeping in, he is going into 6th grade

salem days

this year salem days introduced a new event... 3 on 3 basketball. i should have known as soon as we read it that kade and his buddies would put a team together. they wore their team uniforms and looked so great! they were there for business and that is exactly what they did. they put on their game faces and hit the court. have no mercy! they won the tournament in their age bracket and took home shirts, basketballs and bragging rights.

before they took the court for the first game

winning game jerseys and balls! way to go boys!

my friends and i were over the baby contest and i was the lucky one that said i would take care of the float, my mom told me half way through the process that i was on my own next year (hehehe). we spent over 10 hours transforming the flatbed trailer into a float (and guess what, i forgot to get photos of the finished product b-o-o-h-o-o)

we bought over 100 of these flowers that were nylon and wire they were A-MAZ-ING!

we borrowed the huge cat tails (only 2 shown) from a friend that made the miss. salem float 2 years ago, bought 35 fairy wings and converted them into butterflies, then realized we were going to need greenery around the perimeter, therefore the netting.

my sweet little neighbors all stopped by to inspect our work and visit but, once they saw how labor intensive it was they found other things to do (can you blame them). after putting 6 cat tails up, covering them with flowers and butterflies, trimming the edge of the trailer with mesh and smoothering it with flowers and butterflies, lining the trailer with hay bales, it was still blah. what to do, what to do? my brillant mom was sharing stories of how creative my grandma was (so is my mother) and while she was sharing a story of my grandma cutting down a tree, stripping it, sanding it, varnishing it, decorating it, did i realize that is exactly what we needed on our float. but, i wanted BIG! so into the truck we went and scoured the back roads of my town. there it was, tipped over, hanging sadly, begging to be cut and decorated for all of salem to cherish. the only problem was it was on someones property and we couldn't cut it and drag it home ourselves. so while i went and knocked on the door of the owners home, my mom called my darling dad and asked if he would make the 20 minute trek to come help us. the tree was amazing! we didn't strip, sand, and varnish it but, we did put it into a christmas tree stand weight down with sand bags and covered it in white blosoms, white berries, butterflies, and flowers. it was breath-taking. our sweet little babies contest winners looked darling on it. and the best part... our float took home the royalty ribbon! if anyone has a photo of the finished project please send me a copy!

sheep creek

once baseball ended we had plenty of time for camping, fishing, riding. we are so blessed to live close to the rocky mountians. nothing like having it in your back yard. there is nothing better than lounging by the camp fire, not worrying about the phone ringing, obligations, interuptions, just bliss. we have such a great time whenever we go with my parents. this trip was sentimental for matt and me as we rode the route we took over 15 years ago as ma and pa during our stake pioneer trek. it was an amazing experience and we hadn't taken the time to go back and visit. we were in ah of what our youth accomplished during that amazing journey, we were reminded of the spirit that was felt by all, the energy that the youth had, the perservance to never give up, the drive to push on, the bond that was forge by all. after the ride we stopped for a break in a peaceful little nook near a lake.

we were COVERED in dirt

darling grandma & grandpa smith

aunt pam & uncle perry

aunt sandy & uncle mark

the quackies were thick and lush, wind the wind blew it was a gentle breeze that ruffled the leaves and made the most magical sound. it is a sound that i wish i could bottle and bring home.

city ball

kade was excited to have his dad coach city ball, because the travel league just isn't enough when you are 11, hehehe. kade played catcher, pitch, and first. i think he enjoyed catching the most. i couldn't tell who had more fun, kade playing or matt coaching. he is so great with the boys and they took first in the league, go METS!

bring it on
at the last game matt marziale, the recreation director awarded the boys with medals
proud papa and son
the team! Add ImageAdd Image
best buddies

after the tournament one of the team members family had the boys over for a pool party, but that wasn't all. they had trophies made for each player! thanks ken and dori you are amazing.

wolverines invite the boys...

what a better way to end the 2011 baseball season with the slam than to take the field with the mighty wolverines at uvu! uvu invited the team to take thier spot on the field with the players for the pledge of allegence and national anthem. it was an honor and the boys enjoyed it.

warming up and goofing around on the side lines...

watching the wolverine players being announced
getting ready to take the field

just waiting

team huddle

at last... on the field and following the example of the wolverines

standing at attention... so proud

now that the serious stuff is over the boys had races to see who could slide the farthest, thank for the grass stains boys

another tournament

this spring kade's baseball team, the slam had the opportunity to play in a tournament in viva los vegas. we were excited to get out of town and find the warm weather. the ball fields were amazing! we failed to read the rules/regulations that stated no metal cleets on the turf. so matt and i dropped kade off with the team and hit the local mall looking for turf shoes. no one sold any so on our way back to the ball fields we stopped at big 5, they had just what we needed! on our way into big 5 a man approached our group looking for money for rent, when we told him we didn't have cash he became angry with our friend...scArY.
we loved this baseball, it was at the entrance to the complex.

waiting for his turn into the batters box... hey batter batter!
say cheese!
vegas is GREAT for people like me that LOVE and ADORE people watching. this sweet lady appeared to be a grandma and she really needed support (wink wink). thanks vegas, we hope to visit again next spring.
after the tournament we thought it would be fun to take the boys down to the strip and see some of the sights and head over to new york new york to ride the roller coaster. our first stop was the aquarium. well worth it if you ask us.
swift, strong, threatening, fierce, huge teeth, intimidating

strong, slow, powerful, wrinkles, agility
transparent, graceful, quick, small
hilarious, tired, thought the strip was over-rated