Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011... what to do

i have never been one to make and KEEP new years resolutions but, i have always been a huge list maker and live by the lists created. i feel that my days aren't fulfilled unless my cell calendar, calendar on the fridge, calendar in the car are FULL! i guess i have defined myself with my to do tasks, why? why have i allowed this madness? i guess it helps keep my ever racing mind focused. i guess it helps keep me on track. i guess it helps me to not forget those appointments. i guess i just plain and simply love lists. with all of this... i get over-booked, i have an extremely difficult time telling others no, i hate seeing a calendar empty.

i loved the counsel this past general conference from the brothern and i am continually reminded of it by others in my life (love you all)... SIMPLIFY!

how does an over-booked, love to stay busy girly girl simplify?
i focus on going to bed before 2am, even before 1am.
i focus on getting the house picked up before going to bed at night so that in the morning we aren't running around like little chickens missing their heads.
i focus on returning to the family basics: prayer, scripture reading, eating dinner as a family at a normal hour.
i focus on leaving my home earlier than my appointments scheduled so that i am not driving mock 80 on the back roads, on i-15, on the main roads.
i focus on breathing!
i focus on making a dinner menu bi-weekly and making sure that ALL needed ingredients are in my home so that i can look forward to making and preparing meals each day. i enjoy even love cooking when i allow time, i am going to start taking cooking classes again. i have done this in the past and LOVED it. if you want to join, let me know. the more the merrier.

i am also going to focus on me! i have never liked my looks, never had a good healthy self image, never really felt worthy to focus on me. why? i don't know. i guess if i was on the biggest loser jillian michaels could break down the walls and help me find out. but, i am not on the bl and probably never will be so for now... i need to do it for me and by me. i can't guarentee that i will ever be a size 2-4 and that is ok. however, i would like to go out with my hubby and be proud to stand tall, walk tall, not hide behind him. he is darling with me. i know he adores me. i know he loves me. he has NEVER said an unkind word to me about my weight, my looks. infact he tells me often that he loves me, that he thinks i am beautiful. the issue is mine, all mine.

this year will be about my family. this year will be about myself. this year will be about breathing. this year will be about slowing down. this year will be about saying no. this year will be about simply simplifying. if the brothern of the church have said it, talked about it, counseled it... then there is a reason and i plan to find out what that reason is.

good luck to you and your resolutions this year.


[Morgan] said...

jess, i love this.
i too, could use some simplification in my life!

Kami said...

So true! I need to simplify my life as well.
Thanks for sharing!